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Infants and Toddlers

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful week! Next week Monday April 29 and Wednesday May 1 the school will be closed for Ethiopian Easter celebration and Labour Day (May Day) respectfully.

Large group

We started our large group by exploring the different corners in our large group room. Following that we cleaned up the things we used on the shelves and then we sat in a circle. After that we said ‘hello’ to our friends sitting in our circle. Then we had a chance to play a sharing game, we had a small soft ball that we passed around to the person sitting next, but we only passed the ball if the person sitting to us said ‘please’. When we were done with our sharing game we asked the children what songs they wanted to sing, the most popular choices were ‘Elephants have Wrinkles’ and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.

Small Group

This week for small group we had Music, Art and Jars and Lids, and Sink and Float.

During our Music and movement activity this week we had a fun time; we started by exploring with different musical instruments and checking what kind of sounds they made. After that we did a movement activity, we laid down four mats in the centre of our room and the children had a fun time rolling around, jumping and running on the mats.

For Jars and Lids, we had a fun time exploring with different types of bottles and their lids. We started the activity by introducing the activity and what type of materials we had for our activity. Then we opened the bottles and jars and we put the bottles in a separate box and the lids in another box, then we asked the children if they could find the lids that match the jars, which was really fun for the children, and they got really excited when they found the matching jars and lids.

Next week

Monday-No School (Ethiopian Easter Celebration)

Tuesday-Fun and Games

Wednesday-No School (May Day)

Thursday-Baking Soda Fun

Friday-Exploring with Shapes


  • Wednesday is our group’s library day; please send your child with their library folders when they come in the morning.

  • Also we have Art on Wednesday so try to send your child with art appropriate cloth.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

From the Infants and Toddlers group.

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