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Pre-k Weekly News

Dear parents

We wish all our parents a very happy Easter celebration. We have celebrated Ester in our compound with the Easter egg painting and Easter egg hunt.


Our exploration of volcanoes continued. We made different mountains using papers of different colors and sizes. After that we chose a different soda pop to experiment with as our lava.

We all took turns dropping our exploding Mentos candies in our mountaintop. A few of our friends had incidents when the eruption was too quick; that it got to their faces before they could move back. After we all took turns exploring and experimenting, Anna had an awesome idea. She said “why don’t we add up the left over soda pops, add them together and try to make another explosion?’ So we collected all the leftovers and added them to one bottle. We all put our expectations and most of us were very sure that we would get another explosion. When Anne dropped the candy inside, to our surprise there was no eruption. We concluded our exploration on volcanoes by explaining the ideas of the volcano with the soda pop, once an eruption happens it will take a whole other cycle to make another explosion.


For our math discussion we had planned to work on weights and their measurement of weights. We took different types of toys made of different kinds of plastic and wood.

We started by asking, which would way heavier; 10 leaves or 2 small stones. Jessie replied, “ The stones, because they are heavy and leaves are not heavy “. So we took turns exploring different types of insects, dinosaurs, fish, animals and fruit toys on different sides of measurement cups.

We also worked on counting different amounts and measuring which would weigh more. Our art class was math-themed. We tried to print our favorite numbers on a large paper. We used different color paints.


We continued working on our letters and relations of making different begging and ending sounds of letters. After working on our board, we went to make our favorite literacy game. ​

We had different letters on the ground and we danced to music until the music stopped and I made the begging sounds of letters after which our friends would pick it up. So we continued our game by making the ending sounds of letters. The other activity we had was working with our flash card animals. We made teams of two and got different flash cards. After making the beginning sounds of the names of our animals we went and picked the beginning letters from our alphabet letters.

Have a great weekend!!!

Halefom And Eyrus.

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