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Preschool and Early Pre-K


We started our week with stories from the kids over the weekend. One of our friends told us about how he enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs and eating chocolate. The children enjoyed hunting the Easter Eggs this week. We were still playing the games we created last week, which were about finding numbers and still doing “rhyming words” on our board.

Quick reminders

School will be closed on April 29 and May 1.

During our small group

Puzzle Monday; as per request from some of our kids last week, the kids had a very fun time exploring with different puzzles. We gave them age appropriate puzzles, which will help them in solving problems by them selves. They made pretty good work in solving the puzzles.

Composing shapes Tuesday: Beginning from last week, the kids had been doing an activity about shapes. This week, they got the chance to make the shapes! We only focused on them making triangles, squares, rectangles and diamonds. We divided them in their class and we first told them a story about Bears, for instance, “There were 3 bears and they were trying to find a shape that they could stand on. Which shapes do you think have three sides for the bears to stand on?” Since we have been talking about sides of shapes last week and this week, they were aware of how to count the sides of a shape. So after we told them the story, they all got every question right and had fun doing it.

Next Tuesday: They will continue making the rest of the shapes, which have curves on them, like circle, semi circle, heart and other shapes.

Volcano Wednesday: The kids made a volcano!! Not the real one, don’t worry! Before we went out to do our experiment, we talked about what a volcano is. What it looks like, where we can find one and the color it makes when it erupts. Then we took them to our computer room to show them how a volcano erupts. The final step was to make one! So we covered a coca cola under a volcano paper (which they said was Orange and Black) and we gave each one of them a mint candy to put inside and see what happens and it was so priceless to see their reactions. It is another activity you all can do at home. All you have to do is buy coca cola (the plastic bottle) and put the mint candy inside and you will have yourself a volcano!

Cooperative game with the kindergarteners: the kids were very excited about last weeks cooperative game which was passing a cup of water over their friends heads, and they have been asking to do it again. This week we went outside to do the activity, which they would be so happy to do everyday!! But this time its was not a cup, it was a plate, which made it even more fun, because they had to balance it not to spill it on their friends, but we all know what happened!!

Next Thursday: more cooperative games with the kindergarteners.

Our specials

Art: since we finished doing our projects, we went back doing our individual works. This week, we used paints and markers to make different arts.

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