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Kindergarten Weekly News

Hope your week went by smoothly. We are enjoying the sunny weather Addis is offering! We reminded our friends to stay hydrated while playing outdoors and indoors.

Our Annual Art Auction is postponed to May 25th due to ongoing projects. My class is very excited about this event, as we have worked so hard to put our ideas into reality. Make sure to mark this spectacular day in your calendars!

Here is an update on our after school program. Price per each class is 250 Birr.

Monday & Friday- Dance class with Dawit

Wednesday & Saturday- - Gymnastics with Yonas.

Week in Review!

Language: We continued working on our word wall. In our previous class, we wrote down words that start with the letters from A to L. We completed last weeks word wall. After writing down words for our last letter 'L' we created a chart for the letters M-Z.

Later on, we explored a game book called 'My yucky sticker pack' where we matched food to its originating countries, filled in the blanks of insects in sequence and completed a slimy Sudoku.

Games with Miraf: Another fun times with our Early Pre-K friends. This week’s water-themed game included water on my head race, water in a plastic bag race and last but not least - water fun!!!

When we played the first two games, we challenged ourselves as to how we can keep the water in. There was so much support from our peers that we pushed ourselves all the way to the finish line.

Art: Our art class on Tuesday was a continuation of our previous line session. We used a ruler and pencil for this mural. Each student created his/her shape. Sun said that he made a maze. Julieta and Anne worked together to create beautiful designs that have unique shapes. Leon said that his lines are enormous and that he will need time to color them.

Science: - The weather was our key matter for our science discussion. We were discussing about the hot weather during our large group time. We chatted about what occurs when water is heated and when it is frozen. We learned that the frozen water is called ice. And we wanted to melt some ice to see how it melts. In our previous class when we were exploring with colors we had saved our experiments with color mixtures few weeks back, in our refrigerator.

After choosing our colored ice cups to explore with, we went outdoors to see how long it will take for the ice to melt. In order to melt the ice quicker we added warm water. We had a great time creating different colour mixes once the ice melted.

Next Week Plans

Monday- Library & Word wall

Tuesday- Art & Science

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Music, Movemant and Games

Friday- Story telling.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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