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Pre-K News and Notes

Dear parents

We hope you had a good week. The weather was hotter than it has been previously so we have kept drinking lots of water during the day. We have a few friends departing for vacation. Our ocean center projects are going on: we have been making new submarines, aircraft carriers and pirate hats. Our palm tree renovation is another part of our ocean center development.

Here is an update on our afternoon program:

Monday and Friday- dance class with Dawit

Wednesday and Saturday - Gymnastics with Yonas

price per each class is 250Birr only.


The weather was our main issue for our science class discussion. We all were experiencing the hot weather, we talked about what happens when water is heated and when it is frozen.

We knew that the frozen water is called ice. And we wanted to melt some ice to see how it melts. We had saved our experiments with colour mixtures from a few weeks back in the deep freezer. We all took different coloured cups of ice and we started to melt it by drawing different colours on our school compound ground. In order to melt the ice faster we added room temperature water from the tap. We had lots of fun with making different colours mix after the ice melted.


We started our small group by playing “finding the missing letters”.

We continued to work with our zoophonic letters to make words and make the beginning and ending sounds of each letters. Each of us took a few letters and gave turns to our f

riends to make words. After we all had some water we started playing our music and letter game. We spread our letters on the mat and danced to our favourite song until the song was paused and when the teacher made the begging sound of a letter one of our friends picked it up. We played until we collected all the letters.


Our math counting activity continued using new counting table. We tried to count different toys and we tried to continue our measurement activity.

We used our three-dimensional numbers to make relations with numbers. We also had a great time playing and learning using flash cards.


Our art activity for the week was a continuation of our previous class. During our large group time, We made a plan to draw different things like super cars, rainbows and different animals. We then went to the art room and drew our hearts away.

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