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Preschool and Early Pre-K Weekly Update


We hope you all made a plan to be here with us during the Art Auction, which will be held on May 25th. It’s a good opportunity for you all to see your kid’s work and also to engage with other parents. It was a great and fun week as the kids have been playing a fun game during our large group, which was bouncing on a big ball and trying to pass the ball while they lay on their back and putting their legs on the wall.

Here is an update on our after school program.

Monday & Friday- Dance class with Dawit

Wednesday & Saturday- - Gymnastics with Yonas.

Price per each class is 250 Birr.

During small group

Writing Monday: writing is a good skill for kids to be creative and it not only help them in writing words or scribble, it is also good for their finger movement which is a fine motor skill. Last week, the kids started writing in the “scribbling corner” with random words or letters, which they prefer to write. This week, we started our small group by asking them “who would like to write their names in the scribbling corner?” and we related that to Zoo-Phonics by asking them the sounds of the letters in their names. Kids all got very creative and made other words, which they shared with us!

Next Monday: since the kids were very interested in writing, they will be doing more on that.

Shapes Tuesday: this week we divided the kids into two groups, which were Pre-school and Early Pre-K. For the Pre-schoolers, we wanted to focus more on 2D shapes till we introduce them to 3D, so they repeated the activity they did last week. On the other hand, for Early Pre-K’s, we introduced 3D. We first talked about what it is, the difference between the 2D shapes and 3D(we gave each of them one shape) and they were very engaged in noticing differences between those shapes.

Next Tuesday: since it was just an introduction to 3D this week, the kids will be doing more on that, as well as the other groups.

Navigation Wednesday: based on some of the kid’s interest towards maps and searching for hidden things, we are planning to do a treasure hunt with a school map (which we will be drawing!). This week, we took the kids outside to navigate around the school area to see what we could find in different areas. We asked them where we could find certain things so they could tell us where it was and in this way develop their language and navigation skills.

Next Wednesday: we will be hunting treasures, as a suggestion the kids preferred if the treasure could be something they could eat!!

Cooperative game Thursday: Thursday is always a fun day that all the kids miss so much. They get to join their senior fellows (K-G’s!) and challenge themselves at different games we have planned for them. This week was the ultimate fun, because it involved splashing the teachers, which they have been waiting for a long time!! The first game was a race with a bowl of water on their heads and the second game was another race with water in a plastic bag! The last super fun game was “water fight”, where they splashed water on anything that moves!!

Next Thursday: more cooperative games with K-G!

Shark hunting in ocean center!!

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