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Infants and Toddlers

Dear Parents,

It was an amazing week!

The children had fun time looking at their framed drawings and deciding where there art works are going to placed for the art auction that is going to held on the Saturday May 25. Miss it not!

Next week, Monday (27th) and Tuesday (28th) school will be closed for Parent/Teacher conferences, if you have not booked the day and time please contact Eyassu @+251967419389 to schedule a time!

Small Group

This week for small group we had Music, Art, Magnets, Games and Slimy Experiment.

We would like to thank Ms. Maraki and her Kindergarten group for joining us when we Slimy Experiment. The Kindergarteners join as for small group because they wanted assist our group in making slim. We started the experiment by lots of glue in shallow base then the children added a few drops of food coloring on the glue, the children mixing the food coloring with there hands.​ Some of the children said, “it is sticky”. Finally we added a mixture of flour and water that was really thick and continued to mix it with our hands and see if becomes slimy. It didn’t turn out as slimy as we thought it would be but the kindergarten group suggested to add more flour next time we do it.

For Magnets this week the children had fun exploring with different shapes that are magnets. We started our activity by talking about the shapes and see if the children remembered the names of the shapes.

The children started to talk about the things the shapes resemble to for example while Esben was exploring with the triangles he picked up one and said, “Look pizza”. They also made different things using the shapes like houses and airplanes.

Next Week

Monday-No school

Tuesday-No school


Thursday- Slimy Experiment


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