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Kindergarten and Pre-K News

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here!!! We are so excited about tomorrow’s event! The students and the teachers have put so much energy and taught into our artworks this year.

We got together on Friday morning so that the children can be apart of the setup process. They were thrilled when they saw their art corks turned into a canvas. They choose certain artworks and went around the rooms to choose a suitable spot to hang their artworks. They also asked Maraki to take a picture of them holding their favorite artwork so that their parents know what to get on the auction night.

Quick reminder

- There will not be school on Monday and Tuesday the 27th and 28th of May for Parent/Teacher conference.

- Our Art auction is on Saturday the 25th of May. We have made all the preparations and are waiting for your arrival!

Week in review

Literacy :Our activities for Monday were mainly on beginning and ending sounds of our zoo phonic letters. We started with playing our word games and went on to making beginning sounds of letters using different flash cards. We made ending sounds of different words and tried to guess the words. Our kindergarten students worked on our handwriting sheet. Sun decided to write Chinese with its English translation while Anne, Julieta, and Leon practiced writing the names of their favorite characters.

Navigation with Map Reading :We started our small group activity with a description of a map we made for our scavenger hunt. We put different types of treasures all around our school compound. We all wanted to know what the treasure was. But we kept the suspense going. We all took a copy of our map and went out looking all around our school compound. We had a lot of fun searching and finding our treasures.

Math :Our math activity was a continuation of our weight measurements. We started working on our missing numbers game. We had different groups and tried to get various items, including our metal rolls. We discovered that a few metal rolls weighed more that more plastic toys. Sun said, “That is because the metals are heavy.”

Thank you and see you at our art auction!

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