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Preschool and Early Pre-K


As parents and as teachers, it is our duty and responsibility to take care of our children, and that will lead our children to take care of their younger siblings or friends. Many of our older children in our school are protective of the younger kids, and they play with them, take care of their personal task and try as much as they can to help them in any way they can. That is such a sweet thing to see, and we got the privilege to witness that as teachers.

Quick reminder

The school will be closed on May 27th and 28th for the Parent/ Teacher conference.

During our small group

Alliteration Monday: we had kindergarteners coming over for our literacy class this week. We explored with flash cards and matched the beginning sounds of the cards with their first letter.

Numbers and pattern Tuesday: we created a game with the number cards were one friend hid a number and the others will try to guess what number is missing. When they get the number right, they get a round of applause. It was an exciting game for them, so we played another game about guessing pictures in a flash card, this week the teachers holding the card and the kids will guess based on the teacher’s description, next time will be the children who will do the describing.

Fruits Wednesday: we have been talking about how important it is to eat fruits and how it will make us healthy and strong. This week, we let the children tell us the importance of fruits and the kind of fruits they know. The fun part began when we brought fruits for the class to eat together. They had Apple, Papaya, Pineapple, and Mango.

Treasure hunting Thursday: the kindergarteners were very interested in doing a treasure hunt. We shared our treasure hunt experience! The school map reading was easy for both group and got all the treasures by themselves.

Art Friday: this Friday, we opened an opportunity for our school kids to see all the arts they made throughout the year and the ones they choose for the Art Auction and as the owners of the Artworks, we asked each group to tell us where they want to hang their Artworks. They all gave us their thoughts. Alexander wanted our Night-time and Rainbow Arts on the celling.

Next Week Plan

Wednesday: Number Hunting

Thursday: Cooperative Game with Kindergarteners

Friday: Library

Have a wonderful weekend.

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