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Early Preschool Insight

Dear Parents,

Our short week went well. We want to thank parents for sparing their time to come to the art auction on Saturday. And from the Parent/Teacher conferences, we hope you have a clear vision of how your child has been developing throughout the year and what you can help him/her develop even more. If you haven’t booked a time with us until now, please let us know before Monday 03 of June so we can arrange a suitable time before the school year ends.

Some reminders include

➢ Next week will be closed either on Tuesday 4th of June or Wednesday 5th of June for ED AL FITR celebration. The exact date will be announced on Monday.

➢ Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday 4th / Wednesday 5th (depending on the Ed Al Fitr) are the days will be taking professional photo shot sessions for the children.

➢ Summer camp registrations have started this week, so please contact your child’s teacher to get a spot for your child.

Let’s talk about how the week have been for the kids.

Wednesday - We had counting activity with the kids on the message board, and later on, we went to the library to read books.

Thursday – on the large group, Dominic choose a book ‘Things we like about our friends,’ and we read the book together with the whole class and talked about our best friends and what we like about them. Then on the message board, we had ‘Guess the animals’ game. For the small group, we had a writing activity in our classroom. We imitated different letters and tried to write using markers.

Friday – on a fun Friday we enjoyed singing songs on the large group time. We also enjoyed playing musical dots at small group time.

Have a great weekend!

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