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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents,

We had such a fun week! This week will be our last week for the 2018/2019 school year. A portfolio about your kids learning-journey is prepared and ready to be hand out so please send removable flash starting from Monday 10th June. Please let us know If your kid wants to be Enrolled in the four weeks long fun summer camp. The brochure for the summer camp is attached below.

About Last week

Last week’s large groups were amazingly fun. We read the ‘red riding hood’ book, we talked about the messages on our message board, and we played games.

‘Red riding hood’ book was one of the most famous books around the Early preschool class. So we decided to bring that book to our large group, and the children were excited to see it. So we read it together on Wednesday large group. The children enjoyed reading the book with their friends.

This week’s message board had the animal guessing game, patterns, counting, and, tracing activity.

The kids enjoyed animal guessing activity, and Zak guessed the animal first from the clues we gave them.

We also played ‘Bug in the Rag’ on Friday morning.

Small groups,

On Monday, we played with puzzles to practice our problem-solving skills and the number awareness. The children enjoyed fixing different number puzzles. Each puzzle has two pieces. One of the pieces have numbers, and the other piece has things to count. The children counted the amount on the pieces and tried to find the right number to complete the jigsaw puzzle. The children had fun.

On Thursday we enjoyed making slime experiment. We experimented with glue and other mixtures like never before. First, we mix glue and dough together to make the slime. Then we put different colors to our slimy and made it more interesting. Zak wanted to use green yellow and red, and he makes his slimy. Then he was fascinated by the color he sees. Hatcher didn’t want to use any colors other than yellow.

Dalia shouted and said, “I make mine orange; how can I make it pink?”

On Friday we went outside for zoo phonics hunt. The children were excited to go for a hunt and find zoo-phonics that they know. Finally, we sat down together and went through each of them to with their respective sounds.

Have a great week!

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