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Early Preschool

Dear Parents,

Welcome and greetings! We started our new academic year with fresh energy and a lot of excitement.

This week, we were working on a peaceful transition to their new Early Preschool group. A transition for some of our friends was a bit challenging, But we worked on it. Now it seemed everybody is settled. We have four new friends in our group; Amelia, Icey, Summer, and Frankie. We were doing fun activities that helped them to socialize with their group friends and teachers.

We also brainstorm some of our school expectations, classroom rules, and most importantly talked about when to say, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You.’

Our theme for the coming month or two is “All about me.” We started talking about it in our large group. We will continue to incorporate our theme in every curricular areas in the coming weeks and explore more!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can call or contact us at any time in our working hours.

Tesfaye Zerihun +251 920 505 243

Elsabeth Michael +251 910 555 378

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