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Early Pre-k and Pre-k September Updates

In month of September, the children worked well in different learning areas. It is a good opportunity for us to see what we can work on next and what we can do differently to help them more. This month, we tried to refresh their memories by repeating some of the activities we did before and also to see how we can help them go forward. Surprisingly some of our kids remembered how we used to do it! We can say it was a good experience for them and us to see where they are.

The other good memory we made this month was Meskel Celebration. Even though it rained it didn’t stopped us to have a really good time. Thank you for being part of it!

Math in September: as we have said earlier, we repeated some of the

activities to refresh their memories. We started math with simple counting and color sorting without dividing the groups. As times goes by, we divided our groups, which are, Early Pre-k and Pre-k to observe them individually. We have worked more on counting single and double digits for both groups. We took a note to work on counting in some of our kids as they skip counting but as you all know children needs a constant guidance to help them in many areas they need help on. On the last of the month we started on patterns and we are still helping them to make different patterns using different materials.

Literacy in September: it is very important to make literacy as much fun as possible as it has different areas where children can learn how to sound out letters, learn how to write, communicate and developed their language skills. This month, both groups explored with, identifying letters, tracing letters, sounding out letters and words and they are working on making words with a letters and simple tracing to help them more on their fine motor skills.

Science in September: science is always fun! It is an area was the children are curious to experiment and observe. And that helps them to be more confident and know more about themselves and things around them. Since our theme is “All about me” we started of by investigating ‘Who We Are’. We related that topic with what our body looks like and what each body part functions is. This month, we explored with our organs. We started with Brain, Lung, Heart and the function of each organs, where it can be found in our body, things we can eat to have healthy organs. The little competition in our group now is finishing the entire snack to help all those organs to be strong!!

Cooperative games and fine motor skill development: even though we started our games this past two weeks, it is always a good experience for children when they learn and develop though play. We will be doing more games for the coming months; it will help them on their gross and fine motor skills, social skill and team working. Fine motor skill is very important in children life, as most of the thing we do is hand on. This month most of the activities we did in different areas is also based in helping the children on their fine motor skills. We have been doing weaving, tracing using beads and toothpick and using pipe cleaners to make shapes.

Have a lovely weekend!

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