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Early Preschool Blog for September

Dear Parents,

We ended the month of September with a big event: Meskel celebration. It turned out to be enjoyable. We hope that you all enjoyed it. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about the cultures of Ethiopia and things behind Meskel, like ‘Adey Abeba’: the yellow flower, traditional food, and songs. They also took a big part in preparation by making different arts and crafts, drawings, decorating the compound, and putting their ideas and wishes in the whole planning of the celebration.

when the children helped out during the celebration

We kept reading books on our feelings, testing, and more others. We have also started using our board to reflect our ideas and our daily messages.

Literacy: As the development of fine motor is an essential step in mastering writing skill, we are focused on developing fine motor skills of our young children. Exploring with playdough is one of the fun ways that help in the development of the fine motor skills. For that reason, we explored with playdough in different literacy sessions. We made our shapes, cut different shapes using cutters, and made different lines.

Music/Cooperative Games: Music and other cooperative games help in developing the social skills of our children. Since some of our children in our class are new to our school, we have been playing games that will help them to socialize. We also explored different musical instruments by relating it to one of our five senses in different music sessions.

Math: We have been doing sorting for the month of September. We have talked about how some of the things are alike, and some of the things are different. And most of our children can sort things with one attribute of objects, color. Now we are working on finding out another characteristic, like type and size.

Science: Since the theme of our school for September is ‘All about me’, we have been exploring activities related to ourselves. We started talking about our body parts and moved on to their function. So far, we talked and explored on our five senses. We explored different activities on feeling, tasting, smelling, looking, and hearing. We gathered different materials and explored how they look and feel like. We went outside of the classroom and listened to different sounds around us besides musical instruments. We had the chance to try different edibles on testing and smelling in an inside and outdoor explorations.

Art: Children draw to express what they are feeling and thinking. And it is also a first step to express themselves before writing. That’s why we made drawing our primary concern last month. We planned on what we are going to draw, and we shared our stories when we finished drawing. We have also started making a collage.


  • Please make sure your child wears old clothing on Thursday for our Art session.

  • Please return library folders for our Library day, which is on Friday.

  • The school is closed for the coming week from October 7th to October 11th due to fall break and teachers training.

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