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Preschool This Month

Preschools Monthly update

We have accomplished so much in September. We get to know the kids better, which helps us understand where the kids are developmentally and what we are going to do for the coming month. We ended the month with a cheerful Meskel celebration. The kids worked a lot to make decorations, and they were a massive part of the ceremony. We want to thank all little Einsteins families for making the day full of memories.

This month we welcomed a new child named Sana, and she settled well.

Our theme for the past month was ‘All About Me?’. We talked about what our body is made up of and what are the critical components of our body.

Science – We did lots of engaging science experiments this past month. We did activities about the body and its major components. In the first weeks, we were focused on making skeletons, body frames, and shapes of our body parts. Then we moved to sense organs and their functions. We talked about our brain and heart.

Literacy focus –this month includes Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening skill enhancements. This past month we focused on Letters and fine motor skills. We had a Letter of the day, letter matching activities, and zoo phonics games. We also used lots of playdough in our art and literacy activities for developing small muscles. We also give kids a chance to participate in writing on our message board. We also incorporate journal writing and storytelling skills in our journal sessions once a week. We were also going to the library and learning about library rules and, expectations while we read our favorite books.

Next month we will continue our regular journals, library and literacy sessions. We are also planning to create zoo-phonics corner in our class, and we will be talking about the Zoo phonics letter of the day and beginning sounds.

Math- This month, we focused on brainstorming our prior knowledge on shapes, Numbers, and Patterns.

Shapes – We focused on 2D shapes and what they are made off and their similarities and differences.

Numbers – Our numbers activities involve number valuation and shapes of the numbers.

Patterns – our primary focus on patterns was to brainstorm the children prior knowledge on patterns and help them understand the concept of repetition through sets of math activities and morning messages. The kids enjoyed making there own patterns and talk about the patterned clothes they are wearing.

Next month we will be focusing on shapes and numbers.

Here are some exciting photos we took over the past month.

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