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Monthly Updates of Early Pre-k and Pre-k

Happy Halloween!! This month we enjoyed celebrating Halloween. It was little ‘Disney Land’ with a lot of candies for Little Einsteins!! We focused on the season chance and how important sharing is. Every group got the chance to go ‘ Trick or Treating’ and some were very generous with the candies and some were like how about one more!! The other celebration we had was family day. Thank you all for coming and be part of our celebration.

Here are some of the things we did this month.

Math: this month, we focus on Patten. We started by asking them what they know about the pattern, and they told us what they know. We drew a sequence of diamond, square, circle, and triangle, and we asked them to repeat the sequence two times. And from that, we continued our exploration with counting bears, plastic dinosaurs, and fruits with different colors to make different patterns. We made a lot of pattern questions on board messages to help them understand more. Since one activity can turn into another activity, we change the materials to small grains with different sizes and shapes to make a pattern. And that can help them not only in making patterns but also on their fine motor skills. After all the activities they have been doing, they were able to make ABABA, AABBCC, AABAABAAB, and so on.

Literacy: our group this month worked really hard, and we can say it paid off! The focus of literacy was, beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming words. At the beginning of the month, we started with a board message. When we asked them the beginning sounds of whatever was on the board and they all got a turn to answer over past the weeks. We printed out many flashcards for both groups to sound out beginning sounds. We divided our groups and Pre-k’s after they finished with beginning sounds; we challenge them on ending sounds, which turned out to be a very easy challenge. Early Pre-k’s explored with Zoo-phonics and did also matching words with their beginning sounds. We are still working on ending sounds, rhyming words, and ending sounds for both groups.

Science: the last organ we explored in October was our Heart. We had a revision about all the organs we talked about, which were Brain, Lung, and Heart. Space, stars, and planets were some of the things that got our kids attention this month. We decided to give them what they asked for and did some research about it. So far, we talked about some of the planets, and they were so impressed with how some of the planets have more than one moon!! They expanded this topic and made a game out of it.

Cooperative games : what is a more fun way of teaching children than games? Well, one is cooperative game! This month, we started with musical dots, which is very famous in the Little Einsteins community. Then follows an obstacle course and water fun. It is important for them to understand solving problems, social skills, and communication, and the cooperative game is one of the activities to help them.

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