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Kindergarten Monthly Update!

Dear Parents,

Can you believe that the first semester will be over in two weeks? It has been one great ride! These past couple of months have been challenging at the same time educating as well! We are so grateful for all the things we learned and discovered together. Last Friday was sad as our dear friend Noah was leaving for Senegal. We will miss you buddy and wish all the success in the world!

Explorations this month!

Language- we have started reading our first reader books in the morning time. We had our sight word cards, and we searched for them in the stories from the book. We will be introducing some new sight words in the coming weeks. We have been introduced to a new set of sight words this week. The words were help, jump, you, two, run, not, said, come, and look.

We had all of them on the board, and when the students saw them, they said, “Where are the ones we know!” After going through each one of them, we told the class that Liya has hidden the previous sight words outside, and she will also hide the new ones. We had two teams, Team A that was the students, and Team B, the teachers. The hunting was super fun as we all discussed with each other where to check, who will be in charge of the cards, and who will count them after we were done.

For Language class we had three different exploration areas. We had a writing station; I can read station and a sight word exploration station where we had play dough and created the sight words on a tray. We will continue this activity in the coming weeks, as we didn’t get a chance to have a turn in each center.

Handwriting- we continued exploring with letters and sound this week for language class. Handwriting session was less tricky as we are getting to understand the features of each letter.

Maths this month!

We had a new topic to explore with this month. We started the class by asking what the word spatial meant and Iyasu answered the question by saying, “ it means space as in not in the sky but your own space! Like you see where I am sitting”. After many back and fort conversations, the class started discussing about how houses were built and the space they occupy.

Our activity quickly flipped into another topic and in a blink of an eye we found ourselves designing houses. The excitement on our students face was contagious. We immediately got to work and shared responsibilities. Some of us were engineers and some of us were designers.

We continued with our fraction and we had different worksheets to work on. Our job was to find the answer to the colored fraction symbol and choose from the multiple choices the right answer.

Subtraction was the main focus of this month’s math class. We sat down and reviewed the difference between addition and subtraction. Later on, we each got counting bears and solved various subtraction problems.

Continuing from our previous class we had our 3D shapes and talk about how many sides they have. Noah asks a question, “ so does everything has a side?” and we explained how things around us are and that they have different sides and shapes.

Science- this week for our science class, we had different foods printed out, and we had two columns, which were healthy and not healthy. We got together and sat down in a big circle and placed the cards in the middle. After carefully observing the cards, each of us took two cards each and placed them on the column they belonged to.

Obstacle Course- what a fun game PE day we had! There were four sets of obstacle course set up on the grass. We had a rolling area, throwing the ball in the basket, jumping in and out of a tire, and lastly, we had to turn around three times and play bowling!

Have a great Week!

Maraki, Liya and Samrawit.

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