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Kindergarten Monthly Update!

What happened this month!

We are so happy to share with you that today is our 92nd day! We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Wednesday, and we have some great ideas as to how we will be spending the day! Stay tuned for more information!

Our explorations this month were revising our sight words, sounding out words from our journal story with the help of our zoo-phonic friends. We also introduced punctuation and their features, all about buildings, and for our science class, we explored with sand, coffee, flour, and salt to see if liquid dissolved in them!

NEW IDEA! We decided every Friday we would pick one color, and everyone in the whole school would wear that color! We will also be talking about the color like how that color happens and what each color represents. Here are a few pics of how Purple Friday went! Next Friday is Green!


Games: what an amazing time we had playing musical dots, bowling, and dropping balls in a box while our eyes were blindfolded. The first day we played musical dots we didn’t have time to play the other two games, so we had to play the next day!

Language: Introducing punctuation and its functions to our students this week was super fun! We explored with a Question mark, Comma, Exclamation mark, and Full stop. Each student had a chance to explore with them on paper. The students knew all most all of them! It was a bit difficult to pronounce the exclamation mark, and we all took our time to sound the words out together. Later on, we learned the sounds you make when you see these punctuations in a sentence.

The punctuation hunt was super duper fun! On a piece of paper, we had the question mark, Exclamation point, comma, and full stop signs, and we cut them out into small squares. After cutting them, we split into two teams, and the first team went outside to hid them, and the second team went hunting!

Art: In art, we researched on the computer about buildings. This class was a continuation of our math class, where we designed and built a different kind of buildings and houses. The students wanted to explore more and look at a different kind of building around the world. We are super excited about this project!

Discovering exciting and amazing things about building each day has been a great experience. This week we learned the different types of buildings such as residential, commercial, and industrial. We also got a chance to look at some of the famous buildings around the world and were mesmerized when we came across the Louvre pyramid found in France.

Maths: Maths is not all about numbers and computation. How can we understand statics and interpret different representations of information? What is out there more than adding and subtracting? Keeping this in mind, we introduced some basic concepts of data analysis. We looked at charts and graphs and discussed the data on the figures. Skip counting in 10s, 3s and 9s was not an easy job! We had our counting bears to help us out. After exploring with them, we tried to solve tricky worksheets. Our brain was super busy!

Social Studies- last semester, we had the chance to explore and learn more about our country. We even had a small representation to showcase what our country is known. We wanted to add a few more things about our country, so we decided to research on the computer and learn more. We choose to know fun facts about our country and see each country every other week! We started with Ethiopia! It was interesting to learn about Lucy, and we were shocked when we saw her!

New Announcement!

Little Einstein is happy to announce its collaboration with Fekat circus. We are very excited about this and we will start next week! We are going to add the circus to our daily schedule on Mondays and Thursdays! Here is a brief description of our new circus teacher who will join us.

Hello there!! My name is Eyob! I am a 24-year-old circus artist. I started attending a circus when I was 12 and since 2012, I started to collaborate with Fekat Circus and became a professional artist and performer.

For the past seven years, up until today, I started working with children as a circus and gymnastics teacher and clown.

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