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22nd of September Early Pre-k Blog

Dear parents,

Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. One of the reasons that make us keep working with our students is that we believe there is a better tomorrow for them and through them.

Celebrating MeskelFriendly Reminder:

We would like to Invite dear parents and whole LE family to come and join us in the celebration of Demera also known as Meskel, in our school compound, Tuesday September 26th starting from 1 PM. We will have Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, Demera, Snacks, performances and lots of fun. Please help us celebrate by wearing your traditional Ethiopian Attire, it is optional though!

  • If your child attends half day class schedules, we would like to kindly ask you to join us in the afternoon celebration session

  • September 27 Wednesday, will be closed for the celebration of Maulid Holiday!

  • September 28, Thursday, will be close for the celebration of Meskel Holiday!

What we had for this week

In large group the students enjoyed reading morning messages where one day they had to find green objects in the room, another day find circles around them, and third day count how many stars are on the board? For this week we had green as the color of the week, circle as the shape of the week and number three “3” as the number of the week.

Math: We continued with our counting skills where students counted objects (1-5) using clothe pins on numbers’ flash card and by this way they got the chance not only to practice counting but also work on their fine motor skills.

Cooperative game: This week cooperative game is called “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” This game helps the students recognize numbers, develop understanding of taking turns and promotes the use of language about time.

Science: This week we started learning about five senses particularly “Smell and sight”. We discussed about how our nose and eyes are important to smell and see and students loved the smelling activity as they smelled different herbs from our garden such as mint and rosemary.

Music: In this music session we only worked with one instrument which is the drum. The students learned how to make simple beats on the drum by listening carefully to the teacher and then copy, Moreover, we tried to march around to the beats of a song called “The ants go marching”.

Literacy: This Thursday we came back to our journals where students were able to express some of their ideas and passion by drawing and coloring on journals.

“This is a dinosaur’s egg.”

“This is grandma and grandpa reading a book in Canada.”

Library: Our book title for this week was “Ello the Elephant” which is an Ethiopian story about different kinds of animal leaving in different Ethiopian regions getting together to help ants to speak to Ello the elephant.

Art: Since we have been learning about the circle shape this week, in the art studio we made an art piece by using cups’ top dipped in different colors of paint printed on papers.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics class is where everyone is waiting eagerly for their turn to copy the move that the coach is teaching!

Reminders and Notes

Art class is every Friday, please have your child wear art comfortable cloth.

Thank you!

Have you self an enjoyable weekend!


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