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How Early Pre-K Spent the Week

Dear parents,

We hope you are doing well. We had an amazing time in an early pre-K class.

Quick Reminder

The school will be closed from May 1-3 for Labor Day and Ethiopian Easter Good Friday. Classes will resume on Monday, May 6th.

Here is our week in Brief,

Large group: This week in our large group we introduced a new 3D shape which is the ‘Cone’. We also learned about a new number ‘16’. For the sound of the week, we learned the sound of the letter ‘L’ and some vocabulary that start with this sound. Our morning conversations were about how we spent our weekends how we keep our bodies healthy and why. For our morning activities, we worked on the numbers (11-20) identification and counted sixteen cubes.

“Ice-cream cone” Malachi

“L for me and Leul” Leopold

Math: This week we continued working on the graphing topic by counting shapes on a worksheet.

Cooperative game: The game of this week focused on improving the children’s gross motor skills. The kids had three different activities to go through, the first one was a hula-hoop hopscotch, the second was a balancing walk and the last was trying to score a football goal. 

Makerspace: This Wednesday we were excited to go into the maker space room to finish the project they had started before “Mini Mouse”. We started by discussing which colors should we use to paint the mini mouse and chose a bottle lid to be the mouse’s nose, and then we started painting the body parted we chose in the previous session.

Science: As we continued with the gardening topic, we had the class explore with soil. They had fun exploring the texture of the soil, color, and the small stones they found in it.

In another session we planted different colors of flowers as per the kids’ request, each one got to choose the color of flower they wanted to plant!

“It is like the clay” Leul

“I want Pink” Julia

“I want White” Mitsuki

Literacy: For this week we work on our journals. Our class had so much fun putting their feelings and thoughts in an amazing creative and imaginary way.

Library: This week's story was under the title “Not this little black duck”. The story was about a black duck who decided to stay nice though his other duck friends didn’t.

Art: This week we started a new canvas! As our class requested to make some of the animals that live in the sea so, we started by painting the background using different shades of blue, green, and white.

“Green for the seaweeds” Noam

“The water is blue” Alen

Gymnastics: In today's gymnastic class we started the session by warming up by doing hopscotch. After that we stretched our bodies making the bridge move over the exercising ball.

 Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday-Cooperative game


Our specials

Tuesday- Art


Keep in mind

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Tuesday is the Art class please have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a great weekend!








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