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A Glimpse Of Our Kindergarten This Week

Hello dear parents, I hope you had a good week full of fun, just like we did.


Quick Reminder

The school will be closed from May 1-3 for Labor Day and Ethiopian Easter Good Friday. Classes will resume on Monday, May 6th.


Here is how our week went,

Large group

During our large group season, we began each day by singing a new Good Morning song. To enhance our circle time, we started using a whiteboard to write the days of the week, months, and dates. This new approach helped us learn the days of the week, months, and the day of the date altogether. Additionally, we practiced writing the date, which helped the kids recognize the letters, beginning, middle, and ending sounds of the words. This will enable them to write and spell out words with ease on their own.



During our literacy session this week, we engaged the children in a simple read-and-draw activity which helped them to explore their imagination. For instance, we read a sentence such as "The pig is pink. He likes to play in the mud." Next to the sentence, we provided a box where all the children drew their version of the pink pig, and how it played in the mud. It was fascinating to see the diverse interpretations of the children's imaginations.


In another group, the children practiced writing their names. We were impressed to see some of the children were able to write their names, and even some wrote their father's names.

          “I can also write my dad’s name” Ruut.

           “Is this Vavra.”

 “I love this reading and drawing” Haon




During our math session this week, we revisited the concept of 'Addition'. However, this time we introduced a new way of approaching addition known as 'filling in the missing number addition'. The students enjoyed this new method a lot. Moreover, we worked on three-digit addition, which drew their attention as it was a new concept for them. To our surprise, they tackled it with ease, and we were proud of them.


For the other group of kids, we used block materials to teach them simple addition. It turned out to be an easy and fun way for them to learn math.


“Can we do the addition backwards?” Yazeed.

“Wow addition is really fun” Andre.



This week, our science activity was focused on the water cycle. The children learned about the source of rain and the formation of clouds. To demonstrate this concept, we used paper plates, blue and yellow pencil colors, cotton, and blue paper.


First, we colored half of the paper plate blue to represent the ocean. Then, we used yellow color to draw the sun on the top of the plate. To create the clouds, we stuck cotton on the plate, and for the raindrops, we used blue paper. The children had fun cutting out rain droplets and sticking them onto the plate.


The activity aimed to help the kids understand how water cycles. They enjoyed the hands-on experience and helped each other throughout the activity.


“Look my sun is really big and beautiful.” Ruut

“I have 4 rain droplets.” Haon

“My scissors are cutting nicely” Yazeed

"Abigail you want red one?" Kevin


Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar!

Books: - Caterpillar


Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math


Thank you.



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