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A Busy and Exciting Week in Pre K!

Dear parents,

We hope this blog finds you well! It has been a varied week of productivity, creativity and fun for the Pre K class. This week, the students had a blast dancing away in music and movement, worked on not one but two projects in art, reviewed some previously covered concepts in math, and so much more! We also had a wonderful time celebrating Joy's birthday, and we want to once again wish Joy a very happy 5th birthday! As a reminder, our annual art auction is tomorrow (May 25th), and we look forward to enjoying the event with you all!


Large Group

This week in the large group sessions, the class continued to solidify their daily routines and had some engaging discussions. As usual, for each day we select class helpers. The class helper’s responsibilities include passing out materials for activities, reading the daily board, circle time center, counting the caterpillar and more! In the beginning when we set up the system we would assign 3 helpers per day, but now we are doing 4 helpers- one who is responsible for the circle time center, one for the caterpillar, and two for the board since there are usually 4 components that they can read/count. The children have done a fantastic job adjusting to this change and as always the class helpers take their responsibilities very seriously!

Music and Movement

Music and movement was filled with energy and enthusiasm as usual this week. To begin with, we continued our tradition of warming up with the “Hello from your Head to your Toes” song. We also made the inclusion of a short stretching session to make sure that everyone was ready to get their groove on! Then, it was time to dance. The kids had a blast with some of their current favorites like “The Freeze Song”, “The Floor is Lava”, and “I Like to Move it”. We also brought back some songs that they really enjoyed from previous sessions some time ago, such as “Waka Waka” and “Elephants Have Wrinkles”. The class was so excited to hear and dance to these again and gave this session their all. They have also become more confident in coming up with their own mini dance routines and are able to memorize the steps with such precision.



It was another productive week of review and recall in math for Pre K! In the first session, the class got a chance to demonstrate their retention of subtraction through worksheets, and they did a fabulous job with this. For added visual interest and as a tool for understanding, each of the worksheets had images from different categories such as snowflakes, different kinds of fruits, sports equipment and more. They were very engaged in this activity and have learned so much about subtraction this year. We also appreciate seeing how all the students are willing to share their knowledge and help out their classmates if someone comes across a challenging question.



This was one of our most exciting weeks yet in art! The class were very busy working on their latest canvas, a group portrait of the Pre K crew. Previously, the children made their own self portraits on A4 paper using pencils, colored pencils, and crayons. They did an amazing job at this and their interpretations were incredibly varied and innovative! This week, we gave each child half of an A4 paper to put an updated version of their portrait on, but instead of using pencils this time they used paint. The whole process was lovely to watch, and we especially enjoyed their out-of-the-box color selections! Additionally, some other components of this art piece that stand out are the children’s sophisticated usage of texture, line, balance, and contrast. The next step was to collage the individual portraits together onto the canvas by gluing them on. The end result was a unique composition that showcases the vibrant personalities of each child and commemorates the beautiful bonds that they have built together amongst our LE community. We are so proud of their work and can’t wait to share this and all their other masterpieces at the art auction!



Our activities for next week will be:

Monday- Cooperative Game

Tuesday- Literacy (zoophonics)

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Innovation Center

Friday- Science


Our Specials

Tuesday- Ethiopian Center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art




●       Please don’t forget to send your child with a hat and sunscreen as it gets sunny after snack! The weather has been fluctuating lately, so if it is rainy please also send them with rain appropriate clothing.

●       We are still collecting recycled material for our innovation center, so if you can spare any, we would greatly appreciate it!

●       On Thursdays, please return their Library Folder.

●       On Art days, please make sure to send your child with art appropriate clothing!


Have a wonderful weekend!




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