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Abebayehush week in Pre-K

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful week we had! We hope you enjoyed your week as well! We have been doing fun activities throughout the week that our children engaged a lot!

Friendly Reminder:

We would like to Invite dear parents and whole LE family to come and join us in the celebration of Demera also known as Meskel, in our school compound, Tuesday September 26th starting from 1 PM. We will have Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, Demera, Snacks, performances and lots of fun. Please help us celebrate by wearing your traditional Ethiopian Attire, it is optional though!

  • If your child attends half day class schedules, we would like to kindly ask you to join us in the afternoon celebration session

  • September 27 Wednesday, will be closed for the celebration of Maulid Holiday!

  • September 28, Thursday, will be close for the celebration of Meskel Holiday!

Our large group

As always, when we do our circle time, each child will have a responsibility to do like adjusting the calendar, telling the day's weather, telling the letter of the week, doing our message board and so on. We also have been enjoying practicing "Abebayehush" which is liked and enjoyed by the kids. Our children really loved singing "Abebayehush" with their friends.

Our small group

For cooperative game, we played an engaging game that our children wished not to end! We explained our kids to make a line and to listen to the instruction. We chose 'Banana or Apple' and 'Red or Yellow' to lead the game. We told our kids to jump to the banana side when we say "Banana" and the same is true for apple and they were trying their best not to lose the game. We observed that all our children enjoyed the game a lot!

During our Literacy Session we did Journal. We showed our kids a model by taking the board as our journal book and make lots of stories. Most of the children were drawing everything about their family and how they spent their weekend.

Abigail "This is my mom and my brother playing together.

Ruut "Here is my mom and me in the airport!"

We shared our beautiful stories to each other!

For Math activity, we continued focusing on counting different materials and match with their quantities. We gave our kids flashcards of numbers to be traced and match with their quantities using pompom. All our children were engaged. They loved counting the pompom and stick them on the flashcards.


For this week, we did our gymnastic session with our new teacher Lucy! Our kids were excited to do the activities with their teacher. They liked stretching their hand to touch the sky!

Our special – Art

One of our favorite sessions! For this week we did art with our art teacher Asnake! Our children were excited to see him In their art studio. We gave our children white papers and told them to draw their favorite shapes and glue it with colorful rice’s.

Joy "“Look! my favorite shapes are triangle, rectangle and heart!"

Milli “"Mine is heart and circle!"

Oliver " I also draw my favorite shapes!"

Our activities for next week will be.

Monday – Music and movement ( 'Abebayehush' with musical instrument"

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday – School will be closed

Thursday- school will be closed

Friday –- Science (A rain in a jar)

Our specials

Wednesday – Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday – Art


  • Every Thursday is our Library day, please make sure to return the library folder.

  • As it is rainy season, please send the children with raincoats and boots.

  • Every Friday, We have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.


Have a wonderful week!

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