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Greetings dear parents,

Hoping you had a wonderful Week, we had a great week with your lovely ones.

Our Large group

As always, we started our large group by singing the Hello song and we sang three more song 'Hands go up and dawn, the wheels on the bus and baby shark song then we learnt about magic words using sign language like 'Please, Sorry, Thank you and you are welcome'. the kids loved it and practiced well, after the large group was finished they all said thank you using SIGN Language. After that we did our attendance also we read 'see, touch, and feel' book.

This week for small group


On our music class we put the different Musial instruments like, shakers, Drum, Scarf and Xylophone then the kids chose one instrument at a time then at the end we opened some songs then they started to explore.

 Story time;

On story time we put mats and pillows on the grass area and we took out some of the children’s favorite books. The books are called “Bed time” and "At the Park", then we encouraged the children to look at the pictures and to repeat the words.


This week we started the clay project we made a big ball. Before we started, we put on the art smacks then we tried to roll the clay and tried to mold it into a ball shape The children enjoyed it!



On science session this week we started the gardening topic. We started by putting some soil in a container for the kids to explore then we added some water to it and the kids mixed it together.


This time we choose our trampoline to have a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to read our books. They were all excited, all set, and calm to go through their activities. We read different kinds of books like Clifford animals sound and bedtime Ted, they also chose their favorite books to take home.


On math class we made a counting activity. We used different colored materials like dinosaurs, blocks, bears, crayon and pompom then we gave  the kids chances to choose the materials and count.

  Next week plan

Monday – Cooperative game

Tuesday –Literacy

Wednesday –Gymnastic

Thursday –Science

Friday – Math


Our specials

Monday– Clay

Thursday- Library


  • Every Wednesday is art day, so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is library day,  so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week ln library day.

  • Have a nice weekend!!


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