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Greeting Dear Little Einstein’s Families,

We have been counting down the days until our Art Auction arrives. Finally it’s on the way to show up; we were working as a team to find good spot to hang and set up places for our amazing and beautiful art works. We have observed that the kids are very excited to see their work on the wall.

Hope you all are ready to come and enjoy how our children are exposed to Art and change their learning journey into Art.


Brief for this week

Our large group is going well as usual by having books, songs and interesting discussion ideas raised by our kids that makes our day to begin with such a good vibe and lead as to spend the entire day with a good spirit.

Small group

Cooperative game

Our kids can name and can point to colors. It is essential to keep adding fun color activities and references in our daily routine activities. Beside this we have been playing game with different colored musical dots and music. The game went like this we were having music to dance with and the musical dots on the ground then start the game by dancing with the music thus stop the music and ask them to stand on one of the colors that we want them to stand, that was awesome to see our kids identifying colors as well as enjoying the game too. We have observed that our kids are doing great with identifying colors and pointing them too.


Working with the zoo phonics is our beloved routine from the activity that we have. We love to explore new letters the story and the action behind. We have been reading a book about letters that leads us share more words to our kids and they share to the class even.

"T is for tik tok "

"T is for the big tiger that I see in my TV."

“Q is for Queen Elsa”

"R is for rabbit and they have another name bunny.”

Our Early Preschool school friends have been working on their journals. This is such a good way of expressing their emotions, feelings, and imagination as well. We love to hear and read their stories while they are sharing it to the class.


We continued working on our food pyramid that helps our kids to identify a healthy and not healthy food by discussing and letting them to draw it on the board. After that we have been coloring the food that are healthy and not healthy from our worksheet. That was such a fun way of exploring that our kids enjoy and learn as well.

Our Early Preschool friends have been exploring, identifying, and sorting different kinds of animals by placing them in their habitats.

We were having different animal pictures and habitats sticks in the board. So, this makes it easy for the kids to sort the animals on the correct places. It was a good activity that our kids love to explore with.

Dance; our kids are in love with dance they enjoyed the class by listening and dance with relaxing music. They love to perform free style dance to the class and dance as a group as well.

Preschool and Early Preschool Explorations schedule

For Preschool

  • Monday - Cooperative Game

  • Tuesday -Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday – Math

  • Friday – Library


  • Tuesday – Music

  • Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

  • Monday –Cooperative Games

  • Tuesday-Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday –Library

  • Friday – Math


  • Monday - Music

  • Friday – Art


  • The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a blast weekend!!


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