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Greeting Parents!!

We had a fun-filled week!! We had a wonderful time exploring different learning areas and playing with friends.

What have we been up to this week!?

Our large group went well this week!!

We discussed and work on: -books and songs, counting in tally, about weather, revising zoo phonics and discussing about our class rules were our focus.

Our small group areas

● Cooperative game

● Literacy (exploring zoo phonics)

● Science (exploring about our body parts)

● Math (working on shapes)

● Library

Cooperative Game Monday (for Preschool and Early Pre –K)

Children’s foot-eye coordination is a starting point for supporting their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills vital for writing. Gross motor skills (large muscle movements) are critical for fine motor skill development. It is therefore important for children to develop awareness, control, confidence, and coordination of their large-muscle movements. Besides this we had a game that goes like this: - We have been discussing about balancing game and how we can play it. Thus, they all come up with different ideas, so we plan to play it outside then walk on the drawn line in the playground and have plate on hands and ball on top of it. And there were rules to be followed too like dropping the ball, touching the ball with hand will lead us to be out of the game. So, we start to play it in pair and that was a bit challenging we drop the ball so many times while walking and some of us were facing a problem to hold the plate properly and walk on the line even. We have observed this from the children, so we plan to have more balancing games for the coming classes.

Cooperative game (for early preschool)

Many children struggle with timing when they are learning how to throw and pass balls through a hole. Throwing games will help them quickly develop this skill like physical characteristics of different types of balls, developing an understanding how they can bounce, roll, and pass it through the hole. Based this we have been planning to play a game that we can challenge ourselves and as the same time have fun with the game. The game went like this, we had a cartoon tier up with the circle shape in the middle that we can pass the ball in. Then we have been playing it alone and with friends too. It seems hard to play it but some of us found it easy. Some of us were trying hard to pass the ball but it did not work so, It just led us to find a good way to pass the ball through the hole.

Literacy exploring zoo phonics Tuesday.

Phonic knowledge is the key to starting to read written words and exploring letters. Our children started to use phonics knowledge to tell words by using the beginning sounds and explore to recognize how sounds are represented alphabetically and identify some letter sounds, symbols, characters, and signs and beside this know the stories and actions that the letters make. Our kids have been revising the letters that we have been exploring before. And introduces one of our fabulous animal friend Nigel night owl "Nn”. We have been telling the story and the action that the letter makes behind the letter that it was enjoyable and delightful. So, we have been asking each other to find words that start with the letter. They were full of ideas that they share it to their friends.

"N for Nose"

"N for No"

"N for Necklace”

"N for Neck"

"N for Nardos my mum"

Science exploring our body parts Wednesday

Children always look for new information. Their minds are filled with countless questions about the world, their surroundings and especially their own bodies. As they grow up, they start to recognize that they can run, play, laugh and sing, they also become more curious about their bodies. At this stage, it becomes necessary to teach them about their body parts. Learning about the function of each part of their body, also helps them to gain coordination and motor skills. So we were having an interesting discussion about our body parts and discuss about how to keep our body parts safe .They all have good knowledge about this their ideas were amazing here are some statements by the kids,

“No screaming on friends because it will hurt our ears."

"No putting some sharp thing inside our nose"

“No poking Nose”

Math (working with shapes) Thursday.

In this class we have been discussing about shapes. And we all were busy by having an activity to identify shapes like circle, rectangle and triangle and match it with the exact shapes from the board.


There are so many incredible benefits of painting for children which makes this art form so much more than just colorful fun for kids! It helps them to develop their creativity, their fine and gross motor skill control and help them to develop their eye to hand coordination. We provided small sized canvas and different paints for the kids and let them to draw and paint in their own creative mind. It was nice seeing them getting all creative.

"I am painting my cat and she is brushing her teeth"

"I am drawing the police man"

"I am painting my mum and dad"

"I will draw an airplane”

” I am making along and long dog”

It was also a good opportunity for us to observe and understand our students interest.

Maker space (for early preschool)

Maker spaces are designed to challenge students to create and learn through hands-on, personalized experiences throughout class. It helps to exposing students to have new opportunities, building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our friends have been planning to make different things like car, airplane, and a house. They all were drafted their ideas on a paper and had a discussion to make it with the materials that we have in the maker space on the coming week.

Pottery (for Preschool and Early pre –k)

Pottery painting allows children to express themselves in a new and unusual way and experience the joy that comes from hearing others respond to their work. On our pottery class we have been painting and decorating the leaf that we have been molding on the previous class. We choose green color to paint it, as green represents the leaf color and we all had messy hands while painting the leaf, we were all left with green hands.

Music and movement

Children learn new things, like sounds, words, and patterns through music. And with dance, they can explore and control their body movements. These activities are great for development and stimulate connections in the growing brain. On our music class we have been practicing some dance move with our new teacher Betty. We all were excited to practice new dance moves and perform free style to our friends.

Preschool and Early Preschool and Early pre –k Explorations schedule

For Preschool and early pre –K

● Monday - Cooperative Game

● Tuesday -Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday – Math

● Friday – Library


● Monday –pottery

● Tuesday – Music

● Wednesday – Art

● Friday –gymnastic

For Early Preschool

● Monday –Cooperative Games

● Tuesday-Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday –Math

● Friday –Art


● Monday - Music

● Friday – Art

● Thursday – Library


● We seem to have rainy days quite often than expected. We kindly ask you to send your child with rainy day outfits so we can make the most out of our time at school.

● On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

● Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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