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We had an amazing Meskel (Demera) celebration in this week. The children were very happy to sing ABEBAYOHOSH, the kids were happy to see the bonfire, and then we enjoyed having local bread and cookies. We would like to say thank you to all that came to celebrate meskel with us.

The past two week we welcome done new friend to our, we are happy to say our circle is getting bigger!!

In the past two weeks we worked on

Large group

We had the children’s favorite song like, ‘Good Morning’, ‘The wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Baby shark’. We discussed about how to behave nicely with friends and teacher. We talked about how it’s not nice to push and grab. We must remember to be gentle when playing with friends. We are still working on our sign language like; ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Yes,’ ‘No’, ‘More’, ‘Okay’, to communicate with our infant children. We also enjoyed reading our large group book titled ‘Eyes, Ears, Fingers and Toes”

What we did for small group

Movement; in our movement class we put mats on the floor and put the ladder beside then we showed the children how they are going to use the mat and the ladder then we let them jump, roll, and run on the mat also climbing on the ladder. The children were very engaged with the activity. Such kind of movement helps them to develop their gross motor skills.

Science; for our science activity we explored feeling textures. We used different feeling texture plates filled with rock, grass, marble, and soft material then we discussed how it feels by using words like rough, smooth, soft and hard and also some of our friends want to stand on it then when they stand on the rough and they get down very fast. The children were very interested to touch the smooth one and the soft one.

Art; our art activity was exciting. We used tops and leads, rock, paper, and different color paint. First, we discussed about how we are going to paint by using those different materials then the children made their own beautiful artwork.

Math; our math session was all about color sorting focusing mainly on ‘Yellow and Green’ colors, the materials we used were yellow and green boxes and different yellow material and green material. We first put the different color materials on the mat and we late them explore with those colors, after a while we started to sort those colors then the children put yellow scarf, paper, cap in yellow box, green scarf, paper, plate in the green box. We all enjoyed this activity.

Small group

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Math (Shape)

Wednesday – Science (Testing)

Thursday – Language

Friday- Cooperative game (Passing Ball)

Specials days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday

Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be

Cars and tracks center

Block’s center

Dramatic center


· Every Tuesdays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

· Every Wednesdays is our Library Day, so we will be sending a folder with a book your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.


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