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Greeting Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed your week as much as we have. Our class have been having a good time exploring different and playing games with their friends.



Making the calendar is one of our large group activity. We spell the month and days of the week and adjust the date and day. Currently, we are reading and spelling the new month April and the days of the week by singing song.

Feeding the Caterpillar

Our caterpillar is growing fast and the change is visible every day. The growth of our Hungry caterpillar shows us that we have been together for long days and be best friends. It hits 141st day of the school with joyful and exiting days together still counting.

Message board

Our message board includes making attendance by writing our name turn by turn on the white board, reading sight words and answering the question of the day. Through these activities, the children are exposed to writing, participating and speaking.



Writing is considered a multi-sensory activity. Basically, as children write, the areas of the brain that control the communication between the brain and the hand are also the areas of the brain that process language.

The pre-K group started practicing to write by tracing lines like zigzag, straight and curve and the kindergarten group started practicing to write the Alphabet letters. Such activities develop the fine motor skill of the children and are basic for writing.


The exposure to the concept of addition is still our topic in our Mathematics session. The kindergarten children started adding two digit numbers and the pre-K group are exploring adding one digit numbers using numbers on flash card. All the children were engaged and interested in the activity.


The sixth session for training Football was done. We were discussing about how to identify our team members and the use of yellow and red card. Our coach Biruh was teaching us what team means and how to pass the ball for our team members. After discussing about team, we teamed up for two groups pink and red groups and started to play. Amazingly all the children have identified where to score a goal and which team they are in plus how to work with their team mates! They played for about 30 min and the coach blew the whistle. As soon as the children heard the whistle, they all ran to see the result on the boar. The result was the PINK TEAM 4 AND RED TEAM 2. All the pink team shouted and hugged each other but sadly the red team started crying. Finally, our coach was telling us that it’s okay to lose but not stop trying. This situation shows that the children have got a good lesson about FOOTBALL.

Anecdotes after the match

“guys, next time we’re gonna work hard and win”

“I didn’t score even on goal”

“yes, we win”

“we scored four”

“Tsubasa, don’t cry, next you’re gonna win”


Dear parents, we divided the football group in to two the blue team and red team. The children’s names are listed below Please send your child wearing a t-shirt accordingly.

Red team Blue team

1.Tsubasa. 1. Anotida

2.Andre. 2 Yazeed

3.Maal. 3. Kevin

4.Thulani. 4. Ife

5.Simona. 5. Nolawi

6.Frankie 6 Matias

7.Matteo. 7 Eliab

8 Siifen. 8 Yanis


Our children have developed Expressing their ideas and imagination through drawing. At the beginning of the year some friends used to just scribble and now they can express clearly and with amazing drawings!


Teaching children about plants is a great way to help them learn about healthy living and the fun things that plants have to offer. Helping your child learn about plants will help them become more curious about their surroundings and how the world works.

Both the pre-K and kindergarten children are exploring the parts of plants by making a tree on a chart paper. Last Friday, we made the root using yarn and soil and this Friday, we made the stem and the leaf part of our tree.

‘’ wow, it looks beautiful’’

‘’This is the stem’’

‘’I put the leaf on the branch’’

‘’ our tree is growing’’

Work time

Our school LE is creating different exposure to the children like exposure to dancing, mud activities, gymnastics and Art. Our children are very excited to make gymnastics on Monday, dance on Tuesday, explore mud activities on Wednesday, do Art on Thursday and read books in library on Friday. Such kind of exposure can obtain the interest and ability of our amazing children. We are really excited to see our wonderful little friends creating amazing things every day!

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

· Monday - Literacy

· Tuesday Mathematics

· Wednesday –Football training sessions 7

· Thursday – Journal

· Friday Social Science


· Monday-gymnastics

· Tuesday-dance training

· Wednesday- clay crafts

· Thursday– Art

· Friday -library


· Since we’re having Football training, we need to have the professional sport wear so Can you please send the kids with sport wear? Thank you!

Have an enjoyable weekend!

The pre-K and kindergarten team!


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