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Greeting Parents,

Hello dear parents, we had a great time with our children here in our favorite place LE. We had a lot of exploration time at our large group, small group as well as work time!

Large group

Our large group was fun filled and educational. We started our large group by having a conversation on the topics like football and planning for school trip to SCIENCE MUSEUM that we are going to announce to you after we finish planning for it. Stay tuned for details on our next blogs!

Reading sight words, writing our name, making calendar, and feeding our Hungry Caterpillar are the activities that let us explore reading words, numbers and develop our speaking skills we do in our large group time!

What have we been up to in our Small group?


Writing is critical to development because it improves self-esteem, literacy, and communication skills. Children learn to handle problems creatively and read because writing reinforces language and art skills.

Our class is busy practicing to write and developing the children’s fine motor skills. We started practicing to write the alphabet (c,a,b,d,g) by making the letter C as basement and planned to go onto the next easiest letters next week. The pre-k friends traced the letter C on a worksheet where the kindergarten group practiced to write the letter c,a,b,d,g on a white board.


Our Math experts’ are doing great on their Mathematics class! Both the pre-K and kindergarten children were discussing about MORE AND LESS using the blocks and two toys in the classroom. We put two toys called Teddy bear and Doggy and let each child give blocks for the toys and ask each other “who has more blocks or who has less blocks”

“Teddy bear has more blocks”.

“The Doggy has five blocks and Teddy bear has three blocks”.


This session is one of our favorite times. We all are obsessed with talking and playing football! The training continues with amazing and energetic team spirit! We are learning how to work(play) as a team. Both the blue and red team were trying their best to score a goal that the game ended with the result Blue team 5 – 2 Red team! We also have exciting news! currently we are working to see if it is possible to have a match with another early year’s school!! Stay tuned for the update!


Expressing a story in our mind in our book is what we do in Journal time. We

practiced reading and writing by sticking the zoo-phonics on the pictures we

drew. This helps us explore to write and read words at the same time.

Work time


In the Gymnastics time, the children are exposed to be aware of the function of their body. They understand what they can do with each of their body part. Flipping backwards and forwards, standing with one leg or hand, walking with hands and crawling are the activities in our Gymnastics class.


We enjoy our Dancing session with our professional dance teacher Betty! She shows us some dance steps and lets us do with the music rhythm. We love dancing!

Maker space

We explored different activities in our maker space. For this week, we discussed about transformers and drew pictures of different transformers we know. During the discussion, the children were explaining what transformer is.

“Transformer can be cars”.

“Transformer is robots”

''A Transformer is a very big thing''


  • We seem to have rainy days quite often than expected. We kindly ask you to send your child with rainy day outfits so we can make the most out of our time at school.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders every Friday .

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

  • Monday - Literacy

  • Tuesday Mathematics

  • Wednesday –Football training sessions 8

  • Thursday – Journal

  • Friday Social Science


  • Monday-gymnastics

  • Tuesday-Art

  • Wednesday-Maker space

  • Thursday– Art

  • Friday -library

Have a marvelous Holiday!

The preK and Kindergarten team!


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