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Hello dear parents!

Whew what a wonderful week it was! The week was a very festive full of happiness for all of us! We get to see our children with lots of energy and ideas to celebrate the 100 days of school. Having fruit snack, dancing together, taking memorable pictures and doing activities were the things we did together happily. And we would like to thank Thulani our little pianist for the lovely piano performance he showed to the whole school and the parents for the efforts you all did for the celebration!

Our little friends were super excited for every activity that they planned throughout the past 100 days. The frequent questions they raised after the celebration were “Are we going to feed our Hungry Caterpillar?” “What numbers come after 100?” “How do we write the next number?” based on the questions we planned to discuss about three-digit numbers and have activities about the numbers after 100.

What we did during our large group

Calendar- Adjusting our calendar is one of our daily routines. We count the date, the month, and the year. We said “bye” to January and welcomed the new month February and while working on the calendar the children noticed the valentine’s day celebration! So, we talked about the Love! And what it means for them!

“I love my mom more than everything”

“Love is playing together”

“I love my friend Yanis”

“I love my dad”

Feeding our Hungry Caterpillar- Counting becomes interesting in our class. All our friends were surprised for continuing to feed the Caterpillar after hundred, we discussed how we write the numbers after 100 and started practicing it.

Story time is the time loved by our little friends; we choose a book to read it for a week. This week’s book was the book titled “The silly sheepdog” It’s all about animals and their habitat. Seeing our children having interest in habitat, we planned to discuss and have activities about habitat of different animals.

Sight words- Sight words are common words that kids can recognize instantly without sounding them out. Recognizing words by sight helps kids become faster, more fluent reader. Exploring sight words on our message is one the activity we do in our large group. All our little friends love to look and read it out loud.

In our small group session...


Literacy is what we do every Monday in our small group. Since most of our friends have completed the zoo-phonics, we proceed to practice reading and writing. Exploring reading and writing is important at the early age but it must be in an enjoyable and playing situation. The Pre-k kids are exploring writing by tracing numbers where the kindergarten kids are memorizing the sight words.


Tuesday was very memorable day because of our celebration of the 100th day of school! We celebrated the day we were waiting for 99 days by having fun together! It was really an interesting day!


Music and movement were the session that took place on Wednesday. As usual our little friends showed us different moves by choosing variety of songs. For this week our favorite songs were ‘Dance freeze song’, ‘Stand up sit down’ and ‘Shake and move’ by Miss patty chosen by the kids. It was such a fun time and showed us some cool moves!


We did our Journal and shared our beautiful story to each other.

“This is my mother, and this is my big house and I’m running to my house.”

“I make a huge car as gift for my mom...”

“I made my mom picture.”


The journey for making our big Volcano reaches to the second step. We mixed white and black to get grey and our Volcano turned in to grey. All the kids were engaged in the painting and discussing about the Volcano. After we finished painting it, we planned to make the lava next week.

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

  • Monday - Literacy

  • Tuesday Mathematics

  • Wednesday – Music and movement

  • Thursday – Journal

  • Friday Science


  • Monday-gymnastics

  • Thursday– Art


  • The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a marvelous week!


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