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Dear Parents,

We are left only with one week to end our first semester! It was really full of fun and exciting activities that let our children explore academically, physically, emotionally and many learning areas as much as they can! It’s really heart-warming to see our curious children grow and improve in their way. you all get the chance to read a report about the amazing change of the children when we send the first semester reports soon!

Large group

Our large group was full of exploring different activities.

Feed me, our caterpillar is getting long and long as each day passes, it is also telling us that we are reaching the 100th day at school. It hit the 79th day of school. Through feeding our caterpillar, we explore counting well!

Our Calendar, we adjust our calendar turn by turn. While we do our calendar we discuss how to count the days of the week and months of the year, Forecasting the day’s weather, colors, letters and shapes.

Message board, our message board gives a highlight of the day’s exploration and morning affirmation (using positive encouragement) that motivates the children very well!

Small group

This week for Literacy, since we have practiced the alphabets with their sounds well, we proceed to exploring words. The Pre-kindergarten explored beginning letters by matching with pictures where the kindergarten group were practicing to make CVC (consonant vowel consonant words).

During Mathematics exploration, we continued the topic measurement, the pre-kindergarten group were measuring things like books, white board, table and shelf found in the classroom using their hands, fingers and legs and found different numbers on measuring one thing, so we tried to measure it using a ruler which is a standard measurement, finally all of our friends were amazed to find the same result on measuring one thing with two rules!

'‘The ruler is better than our finger’'

'‘I can measure with ruler'’

'‘it’s 22 here too’'

'‘let me measure with ruler’'

Obstacles course

Exploring different obstacle courses is helpful to improve our fine and gross motor skills, concentration, social skills and problem solving. It is fun as well! Two children were assigned at once to pick five chairs fast and write their name on white board after they finished picking up all the chairs! It was an engaging and fun activity!


All of my friends were surprised because the gymnastics class took place on the trampoline! how exciting that must be. they all took turns how to jump in a faster motion, slowly, higher, how to jump with one leg and so on.

Social studies

Community helper was our main topic which was really an interesting topic. All friends were to tell who community helpers are and what they do.

‘Police is a community helper, he catches’

‘Teacher is a community helper, he teaches kids like you’

‘Doctor helps patients’

‘Fire fighter can destroy fire with water’

Exploration for the next week


Monday – Literacy

Tuesday –Mathematics

Wednesday – Music and movement

Thursday – Journal

Friday – Social studies





Have a nice weekend!


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