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Weekly Blog : PreK and Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

This week for large group

What an entertaining week we have been through! We were practicing

ABEBAYHOSH well and planned what to do for the upcoming MESKEL (Demera)

together! We worked on our calendar and discussed about the letter and number of the day with interesting conversations, while exploring words with the beginning

sound ‘K’ one of our circle friends came up with the word ‘Kind’! We talked about

how we must be kind to one another.

This week for small group

We explored with shapes like Square, Rectangle and Triangle for Math. We have

letter hunting for Literacy (Language) with fun and active participation!

‘All about me’ was our theme for our science class. Each child held a mirror and triedto explain what they see on their faces then started talking about themselves. All thekids were happy to see their self in the mirror. One of our friends in our small circlegreeted himself “O Hello Andre! How are you?'” another friend followed and said, “Ihave two big eyes, two small ears”. Such kinds of activity let them be aware of their body, body parts, how each body part functions and how we all come in different shape and form!

Our Journal also went well; all the kids made their story and shared it to the class!

Reading is becoming our favorite activity! We were reading different books in our

Library time. Some kids are interested in science books whereas some kids liked

reading fiction.

Next Week Plan


Monday –Literacy

Tuesday- No school (Ethiopian Meskel)

Wednesday – Music and Movement

Thursday- Journal and Art

Friday- Science and Library

Our Specials

Art - Thursday

Library - Friday


  • Since the weather is getting hot, try to send your child with simple clothes like t-shirt, shorts, pants, hat, and sunscreen.

Tasks to do at home

  • A book chosen by the kids is sent home so that parents could spend some

time reading with their kids.

  • Try to let your child re-tell the story in His\Her way!

  • Try to ask your child what activity He/ She likes the most at school.


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