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Early Preschool

Dear parents, what a wonderful weeks we had!

What we did this past two weeks

Our Message board was,

Zoo-Phonics: We had such a great time exploring with 3 Zoo phonics letters, which were ‘h’, ‘i’ and ‘j’. We talked about the names and the sounds they make.

Number of the week: 10, 11, and 12 were the numbers of the week we stick different 3D numbers on the board and drew shapes on the board and counted them all together, we also used different materials to count those numbers.

Calendar: We have been exploring the days of the week, words starting with different letters, counting, and singing the week songs. We also tried to learn what the past day mean like what was yesterday and what comes after today which is tomorrow! The children were really happy processing all these in their mind and finding out about the days and how many days we have in a week!

Attendance list: We used the children’s picture to do attendance, holding a picture in hand, we ask them “Who is this happy or smiley Boy/ Girl?” They all look around in the circle and point to that child and if he/she is with us in our classroom and then they will say she/ he is here/ not here by calling their friend’s name!

This week we welcomed a new friend in our group and her name is Maleda. We add one more friend on our attendance list!

Large group

We greeted everybody with the ‘Good Morning’ song after that we let the children choose their favorite songs; Baby shark, Five green speckled frog, the wheels on the bus, and hands go up and down. We ended our large group by reading books; the books were,

Busy world

Baby shark

Bed time Ted

Our Small Group Explorations

For Math, On the first week we enjoyed our math class, where we had an activity called number flag. We loved finding different number flag and we matched it with the different macaroni and cheerios.

On the second week we have been exploring with shapes, we displayed the different types of shapes on the floor with tapes and let the children sort the shapes according to their categories and they all got a turn to sort the shapes. Every time the child picks a shape he/she will tell the name of the shape and sorts it after exploring with it for a little while.

We are going to keep working with the shapes activity!

For science, we explored with Ice, we talked about what Ice is, where we can find Ice and why Ice melts on our hands. After exploring with the Ice we shared our Observations and gave our Predictions. We had a colored ice and non-colored ice and we put all the ices together on a tray and mixed them altogether and all the ice cubes became colorful as they melted, and we were able to see cause and effect by mixing the ice together!

Language and literacy; this week we continued exploring with letters. The letter we talk about was h, I, j. We started our activity by reminding the children about letter we talk about last weeks, which is ‘a – g’. Following that we introduces our new Zoo- phonics h-honey horse, i-inny inchworm and j- jerry jellyfish. The children imitated the action and the sound that the animals makes and they got more happy to follow the direction and more exited to do the zoo phonics!

Next weeks plan

Monday- Cooperative game

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday – Art


Our specials

Thursday – Library

Friday – Art


Ø Every Friday we have art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Ø We would recommend you send a hat and sunscreen for your child, as it gets sunny after snack.

Ø Every Thursday is our library day, so we will be sending the children with books from our library, which will be changed every week on Thursday.

Have a nice Easter and See you after the Holiday!

The Early Preschool Team!


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