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Early preschool!

Dear parents,

One more month left to finish this year's school program, during this short time all of us will be engaged in preparing the children report, our amazing art auction and portfolio too!

What we did this past two weeks

Our message board was,

Zoo phonics, we had such a great time, and we introduced two new letters which are N and O, we talked about the name of the letters and the sound that they make and the actions.

Number of the week: This week, we worked on the big number ‘15’, we are having a really good time exploring with our numbers almost every day by using different materials to count; like blocks, macaroni, pipe cleaner, and bears so the children can understands easily the number fifteen.

Calendar, we have been exploring days of the week, how many days we have, what those days are their initial letters. We also remind them the previous days is called yesterday and what comes after today which is tomorrow!

Attendance list, working on the attendance list is really amazing and this week we just let the children find their own picture and stick it on the board below the smiley face since we are happy to be in school and whoever is not here we will stick below the sad face, because we are sad our friend is not with us!

Small group Exploration

Math, these weeks for math activity we were working on the shapes that they are very familiar with, but we did it in a different way, which is shape Hopscotch game.

The materials that we used and how we did it was, we cut out 3 different types of shapes, triangle, and square from cardboards and colored papers and used our musical dots as a circle shape. After preparing all of them we put the shapes on the floor.

The objective of our simple game was move/jump on the shape, each time when we named the shape the child whose turn is on will jump on the shape by looking and recognizing the name of the shape, we encouraged the children to jump, wiggle, hop and twirl while jumping on the shapes, while having lots of fun, the children also worked on important skills like gross motor skills and shape recognition!

Found out their Favorite ways of making it through the shapes maze,

Hopping from one side to the other only by touching one colour/shape.

Had one child to call out colors or shapes so that other kids can race to find.

Jumping across the shape and how to follow the directions like; jump, to the left and to the right.

Science, we introduced the five different senses ‘see, hear, smell, taste, touch’ which is always one of children’s favorite activities. First, we introduced music to keep the children active, and to keep them engaged while we prepare to start our activity.

We also showed them the picture of the body parts and tried to explain what we are going to do with it, we sat outside on our grass area on a mat and got all the materials ready like sugar, lemons, mint, and toy animals.

After we sit on the mat, we asked the children a question: “what do you see?”

Eyes can see the blue sky and flower

Ears can hear the birdy and the wind chime

Mouth/tongue can taste sugar and lemon

Nose can smell the lemon and mint

Hand can feel and touch the texture of teddy bear and elephant

The children were moving around and actually practicing how to use their senses. These were some of the best ways to experience ‘senses’!

Next week

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - science

Thursday - Language

Friday - Art

Our specials

Thursday - library

Friday - Art


Every Friday we have art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing!

We would recommend you send a hat and sunscreen for your child, as it gets sunny after snack!

Every Thursday is our Library Day so we will be sending the children with the books from our library, which will be changed every week on Thursday!

Early preschool Team!


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