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Early Preschool and Preschool

It is always a fun time here in LE.

Quick reminder!

  • Tomorrow Friday, Oct 06,2023 school will be closed to avoid any inconvenience as roads will be closed or extremely crowded, this was advised by the Ministry of Education!

  • Fall Break will be from October 16 - 20 (Monday - Friday)

Let's walk through our week!

Our small group activities for this week were Cooperative Games, Maths, and Art. Our Special activity for this week was Library.

Cooperative Games. We had musical chairs. We prepared chairs by the number of the kids in our circle. The game goes like this: a music will be played, and the kids will be going around the chair dancing and when the music stops each kid have to be fast to find a chair to sit on, if a child misses a chair to sit, he has to go sit on the mat and wait for the next round. It was a challenging game, where it tested their ability to follow instruction, directions and their memory. They also got to learn sometimes it is okay to lose while we play with our friends.


we had counting activity, we discussed about how many fingers we have on one hand, on two hands, and how many toes on one foot and on two feet. We played a song "How many Fingers". It was Funny seeing them to try to reach their toes and count. They loved the different way of learning how to count.


We are always excited to go to our library. We enjoy readings books on our own, sharing with our friends and listening to some of the stories the kids create by themselves. The fun part is getting to choose a book they want to take home and read with their families.


As our clay sculptures were now dry thanks to the sunny and brighter days, we painted them bright and beautiful colours. once the paints dry the kids can take their wonderful masterpieces home and display it wherever possible!


We introduced "Journal " and our journal book. The children said journal is a book! Journaling is a process in self-awareness, self-reflection, social growth, self-discovery and problem solving. They get to write down their ideas, thoughts and feelings or any experiences they remember.

Liyat " Liyat, mommy, ababa , mita and nina"

Alen " Ye Ababa Mekina"

Levine " A dinosaur Robot"

Yamuni "I drew mommy daddy and the baby".

Mitsuki "Daddy and mommy house"

Nina "Nina Mommy and daddy and Mita Mommy and Daddy"

What are our activities for next week?

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Maths

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Literacy

Friday – Gymnastics

Our specials

Tuesday – Library

Friday – Science


  • As it might be raining please send the children with raincoats and boats , as it might also be sunny please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

  • On our art day try to send the children with art friendly clothing.

  • On your Child's Library day, please don't forget to return their Library Folders

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Early Pre-school and Pre-school team


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