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Early Preschool and Preschool

Our dear parents, we had a fun filled week hope you had a productive one too!

Our Large Group,

Our circle time is always a fun an engaging and a great way of setting a positive and energetic atmosphere to start off our days with a big smile. Our kids are sharing their ideas, interests, past day experiences, which helps them develop their communication skill. During sharing the kids learn how to listen actively to their friends, showing respect to their thoughts. they also build confidence as they share something about themselves, and this practice of self-expression is incredibly valuable for their social and emotional development.

Music and Movement

We opened our all-times favourite song, "ME". the music has a lot of instructions which incorporates our hand and mind coordination, it requires focusing and listening to each instruction with big attention. It is a song that helps all the body parts and the little muscles to exercise and move along. It was quite interesting and fun!


We had a shape sorting circle game, we had different sized and different shapes gathered all together in a circle. The game was to choose one of the shapes they want to sort them following the instructions drawn on the board. so, if they got to choose circle, they would go and look for circle shape on the board and put it right below the drawing. Through this game we introduced them a new shape which was hexagon. Some of the children had a challenge identifying rectangle and square.


our art class had a game this time. There were some circles drawn on a paper and there were some numbers drawn in another set of papers, the activity was after painting the circles, they had to match the number of circles within the paper and the number figure drawn on the other paper. For e.g. if there were five circles in one of the papers, they go and look for number 5 on the other paper and match the number. Then following this game, they started painting on a paper using the paints they choose to use.


We had journal. Our journal was themed expressing our feelings. Before starting our journal, we talked about how we express our feelings like, when we are sad and happy, how do we show our mommy's and daddies that we love them, some said "giving a big hug," "listening to them". We gave them crayons to draw or write their feelings or thoughts.


We have been discussing about hygiene, use of bathroom times and so on. we have to wash our hands thoroughly before and after eating our food, we have to wash after using bathroom and also to ask for assistance while using bathroom. We then talked about brushing or teeth, how many times we usually brush and who help us. then we made a promise to brush our teeth two time a day, one in the morning time and one before going to bed and to never swallow a Colgate as it might make our tummies sick, we then prepared a printed teeth model which then was aminated, we marked it with some washable markers as a dirt for the children to clean the dirty teeth picture using a tooth brush a little water. They were so engaged and excited to brush the teeth picture. It was super fun.

Happy Birthday to our best friend Yamen!

Next Weeks Plan

Monday - Cooperaive game

Tuesday - Maths

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Science


Tuesday - Library

Friday - Gymnastics


  • Every Tuesday is our Library Folder, please don't forget to return the library folder.

  • Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time

  • Every Wednesday is our art day, send your child with an appropriate art clothing.


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