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Early Preschool and Preschoolers

Dear Parents,

We had one amazing week! We hope you had one too.

This week for large group, we have been talking about our environment and families. How we keep our surrounding, our home, our class and our compound clean. We also talked about living things and non-living things and what we mean by it. Regarding families, we talked about how many uncles and aunts we have, how many brothers and sisters we have. Both topics were really interesting which made most of our circle times larger.

Guess what, our Ethiopian centre is now fully open! Come and have some Buna with us, especially made by our own kids!!

Cooperative games.

(Transferring a ball from a container to the designated basket using a paper.)

We started off with announcing and discussing the rules of the game. We formed 4 pairs to play the game. so, the 2 kids from each groups got to choose their favourite-coloured one ball and a paper plate, after putting the ball on the plate they had to balance themselves, give instructions to each other, guide each other and put the ball inside a basket which was a few meters away without the ball falling. So, each child in each pair had the responsibility to keep the ball from falling down. They all used different and unique techniques in playing the game.


we took out Maths session outside, as the weather was really nice, the sky was blue, the wind was whistling, the sun was out, the trees were dancing, so why not join them for a time being, after talking about environment and keeping our playground clean, we decided to clean up the fallen branches from the tree. We cleaned up and collected as many branches as we could. we then though of counting activity with the branches, so we decided to now collect only the tallest one, they were keen in finding and sorting the shorter ones and the taller ones. After we sat on our mat, we started counting how many branches we had collected.


We wrapped a yarn around a wooden roller and painted it with different and colourful paints. we started rolling it on a white paper, the result was beautiful and amazing.


we had tracing activity and following the line. we prepared letters a, b, and c to trace. tracing is an art and a fun thing which develops our fine motor skill. It gives children time to concentrate, to be completely immersed and in the flow. We also practiced their sounds.


what are our fruits and our vegetables?

The kids were able to share some of their favourite fruits and vegetables, and which they don't like as well. After talking about that we had printed out pictures of some veggies and fruits like, banana and apple and grapes, carrot, tomato, broccoli. As the picture didn't have colour, we talked which colour we should paint it. They said apple is red while banana is yellow. They choose crayons and pencil colours to colour the pictures.


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