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Ethiopian New Year Week in Pre-k!

Dear Parents,

It has been another fun week filled with lots of fun activities! This week we welcomed our friend Abigail to our group and everyone was excited to have her in the class!

Our large group

This week's large groups include; singing Ethiopian new year song "Abebayehush", Making Adey abeba(flower) with white papers and a yellow paint for Ethiopian new year, reading books, sharing stories, working on our message board and adjusting our calendar turn by turn. The book which were selected for this week was ' The three little pigs' and our kids have been had conversations in the middle like

Ruut "The wolf just blew down the pig's house you see!"

Oliver "The pigs are scared of the wolf but I'm not scared of it!"

The children enjoyed the book a lot!

Our small group

For music and movement, after our children made their 'Adey abeba', we started practicing the Ethiopian New Year song "Abebayehush" as it was eve for Ethiopian New Year. Our children enjoyed saying "lemlem" which is part of the song.

During our Math activity, we had an engaging activity which helps our kids to understand quantities of numbers. We gave our children different kinds of counting materials and we told them to choose materials to be counted and matched with the numbers. All of them were engaged with the activity. We were happy to see them helping each other while counting the materials.

Our special – Art

Art is one of our favorite sessions! Exploring more on painting! Our children were excited to go around all over the compound and look for a variety of leaves of different shapes to be painted and printed onto a paper. We observed different colored leaves. The children collected the leaves and printed them with different kinds of colors. It was such exciting moment for our kids!

For Science – Our focus for this week during our science session was what we should wear during different weather conditions. We put flashcards of 'sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy and windy weather' on the mat in order and we gave our kids flash cards of different clothes. They enjoyed putting the appropriate clothes under each weather conditions turn by turn.

Our activities for next week will be.

Monday – Cooperative game ( Apple or Banana game)

Tuesday – Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday – Math (Tracing numbers with pom pom)

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science (Sink or Float)

Our specials

Wednesday – Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday – Art


  • Every Thursdays is our Library Day, Please don't forget to send the children with their library folders.

  • Every Fridays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

  • As it is still a rainy season, please send your child with rain coats and boats.

Have a wonderful week!


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