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First Week of November in Early Pre-K

Dear parents

This week our early pre-k had fun exploring with new concepts and working on their different essential skills.

What we had for this week

Large group: This week in large group week spoke about ‘family day’ and how everyone is going to be dressed in their national clothes and sharing traditional food with each other, they were all interested and engaged in the discussion!

“I will wear Canada clothes”

We continued our number understanding with the number ‘5’, the color ‘Orange’ and the ‘Square’ shape for this week. Moreover, for the morning message our class had the chance to write the missing numbers (1-10) and share with class which letter ‘Zoo phonics’ they found on the board.

Math: As our class is enjoying the pattern topic, we had another session working on this concept by making an ‘ABBABB’ pattern using different materials.

On Wednesday afternoon our class created squares by sticking small squares on a big square frame.

Cooperative game: On Tuesday our class worked on their balancing skills by walking on a straight and a zig zag line holding two balloons filled with water. And then for gross motor skills and teamwork we sat on one line and moved a number of balloons from the front of the line to the back by passing them over our heads.

Science: Following up with our transportation topic we had ‘water transportation’ for this week. Our class had fun learning about the differences in size and speed of each and how some transportation goes on the water like the ‘Ship’ and the ‘Sail boat’, and others go in the water like the ‘Submarine’.

Literacy: For this week literacy session, we tried to encourage imagination and creativity and improve language skills and communication by role playing one of our favorite stories ‘Tip the Mouse Doesn’t Want to Sleep’. We had three characters for this story Tip the mouse, Mom and Dad, so three of the students acted the story and the rest helped reminding them with the sequence of the events.

Library: This week we read a book titled ‘Ginger Bread Man’. Our class filled excited seeing the ginger bread man running away from the animals and gets cached at the end by the fox.

Art: This art session we kept going with our painting activity though today our class tried to make a face print on the glass.

Gymnastics: We started of our gymnastic class by stretching out our muscles

And then we tried the ‘Bridge’ position. This position helps improving flexibility, strengthen the back and improve posture. We also tried to balance using balancing board.

Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday- Cooperative game

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Art

Our specials

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics

Reminders and notes

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.

  • As the weather is changing, please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Please make sure to drop your child early in the morning before 8:40am.

See you tomorrow for family day!


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