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Here Comes Our Weekly Blog!

Dear Parents,

We had a nice week in Pre-K class! We hope yours was great too! We have been doing lots of fun activities.

Our large group

During our large sessions, we have been adjusting our calendar, writing numbers on our caterpillar's tail, choosing different songs and dancing, reading books, discussing about how we must be nice to each other, everyday! We gave our children different responsibilities in the classroom like storyteller of the day, clean up reminder, chu-chu train leader and so on which our students love to do!

Our small group

This week during our Literacy Session, we continued talking about zoo phonics. The children had a fun time telling the zoo animals by raising their hand and waiting for their turn. Each student took turn to sound out the zoo phonics to make different kinds of words with the sounds of letters.

"This is B baba bear!"

"H for my mom's name!"

"O for Oliver!”

During our Math activity in the afternoon, Our children were really excited to have their friends from Early Pre-K group join them for small group. They were counting materials and match with the flashcards of numbers, and they loved tracing the numbers with play dough!

Our special - Art

Art is one of our favorite sessions! Our children were happy to trace their hands and feet with colorful crayon and markers. They were also sharing their materials with their friends which is so heartwarming to see!

Our Library - We started our Library by discussing about our rules in the library such as we don't draw on books, we don't shout and throw books in the library, and we share books with our friends. We also reminded them to return the books which they took to read for a week every Thursday.

Our Science activity for this week was Sink or Float! It was such a fun activity to do with our children! We let them choose different sinking and floating materials like cotton, sticks, brushes, feathers, wooden blocks, soft blocks, ear buds and so on. We put two boxes separately, one for floating and another for sinking. We also put two other boxes which have water in them. The children were taking their materials and put them in the water box turn by turn and check if they float or sink. After identifying what floats and sinks, they took out the materials from the water box and put them separately in the other boxes. Our children loved identifying the materials!

Our activities for next week will be.

Monday – Music (with musical instruments)

Tuesday – School is closed for Ethiopian New year!

Wednesday - Math (Count the materials and match with the number)

Thursday- Library

Friday -Science (Weather)

Our specials

Wednesday - Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday - Art


  • Every Thursdays is our Library Day, please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Fridays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

  • In celebration of Ethiopian New year, On Monday your child can come wearing yellow and white clothes.

Thank you!


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