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Here comes the second blog for Early Pre-k!

Dear parents our school days are now running more smoothly as our students are getting more used to the school routine. This week they enjoyed meeting some of their last year mates as they just came back to school.

What we had for the week;

Large group: Our class loved the story ‘Listen up, pup’ so we read it again for this week as it teaches us about good friends being nice to each other. We also kept learning about days of the week and sang a special song called ‘Seven days in a week’. We had number 1 as the number of the week and red as the color of the week.

Math sessions: As we would love for our class to keep learning about the similarities and differences, how to categories, and develop early numeracy skills we went with sorting the primary colors activity for Monday math session. The class enjoyed sorting the different object and knew that there is more to do with these objects than just playing with them.

Cooperative Game: This is one of the times when our class has the most fun. And for this Tuesday we played a game called ‘Bug in a Rug” which focuses on improving the memory skills, the class had great time trying to find out who is under the blanket!

Music: Music has numbers of benefits for children in a preschool age it helps develop skills such as: intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and so on. For our first music class we talked about what does music mean? explored some of the musical instruments and listened to the different sound they make, then ended the class with a musical game.

Science: One of our science goals for our class is students developing the sense of their body’s awareness. Considering the previous goal, we were learning about the outer body part by talking about their names, how important they are to us and singing some body parts songs such as “Head, shoulders, Knees and toes”.

Literacy: Someone once said “literacy is the foundation for reading, writing, communicating and socializing” based on that belief we learned about our zoo phonics. The students had fun listening to each letter’s sound and the short story behind it.

Library: For this Friday we went with the ‘I can’t Bear It’ story. Afterwards students enjoyed looking through some books and picking the library book they want to take home. Every library class we remind our students of proper ways of handling books and how to react when in a library, it will be helpful for your child if you go through that again when reading the book at home.

Gymnastic: Hooray! For this Friday early pre-k students had a gymnastic class and everyone was exited to jump, roll and flip.

Reminders and notes for next week

  • Music class is on Tuesday.

  • Library class has changed to Thursday instead of Friday

  • Gymnastic and art classes will be every Friday so make sure your child brings back the library book on Thursdays and wears comfy and suitable clothes for gymnastic and art.

Have an amazing weekend.


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