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Greeting Dear Parents,

Dear parents, welcome back from winter break, we hope you had a lovely time with your families.

Large group

Our large group started by singing good morning song, after the good morning song we talked about their vacation and what they ate in the morning then we did attendance, and we sang baby shark, after that we read a book with title "Oh Dear."

Small group


Our music class we were exploring with musical instruments. We asked the children to choose their favorite musical instruments, after they choose, we opened the music. It was fun and amazing.


For our literacy activities we had puzzles. We gave the children’s different puzzles. The kids were helping and working together. We mixed the puzzles to challenge them on their attention span and how to solve problems.


On our art class we scribble with crayon on a paper. We asked the children what color paper and crayon they want. The kids loved the activities and ask more paper.


In our math activities we sorted out different colors. We put a paper color and different materials with color. We asked the kids to put the materials within the same color. This activity was amazing, we can say all of our kids can identify the colors we gave them.    



      Plans for Next Week

Monday:- Music

Tuesday:-  Gymnastics

Wednesday:- Literacy

Thursday:- Science

Friday:- Math


  • Every Wednesday is art day, so places send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is library day,  so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week ln library day.

                                       Thank you for your time!

                                        Have a nice weekend!!!


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