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Infants and Toddlers Group

Greeting Parents,

We would like to say welcome back to our student and families from the Christmas break!

Our first two weeks back were amazing, and the children enjoyed seeing friends and teachers and get to explore with their favorite toys in the school compound and classrooms.

We started our second semester by focusing on different learning areas that seems to be forgotten by our class. We worked on revising some of the activities and work time explorations from the different learning areas.

Our Greeting time

Our circle greeting times are simple and fun way for children to greet their teachers and friends. The children feel welcomed, excited and get energized to start their day.

This week for small group

Music and Movement

Music: Children of all ages express themselves through music. Even the young infants and toddlers can sway, bounce, or move their hand in response to music.

Our children choose their favorite songs by themselves, dance to the music and use music to form friendships and share emotions. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression.

Math; for math we did ball drop activity; the materials we used were different color balls, pbc pipes and clear box. The focus of this activity was color identification and hand and eye coordination.

Hand and eye coordination helps the children effectively and efficiently use their hands based on what we see. It involves a three-step process,

1, The eyes identify details that are relevant to the task.

2, The brain- process what the eyes see and sends instructions to the body to pick up and drop by matching the color.

3, The hand follows the brain’s instruction

The children also had a good time listening, understanding, and dropping the ball in each by identifying the color very well.

Language; we use the Zoo-Phonics flash cards this week, we wrap the card with gift paper and hide it in the classroom, the children took their time finding it one by one and they were very curious to see what is inside so they tear it.

The children identified and remembered the name of the letters and the animals with their action and the sound they make very easily.

The past two weeks our famous letters were, ‘Allie Alligator’, Catina Cat, ‘Gordo Gorilla’, and ‘Kyle Kangaroo’, we will like to say good job to our Zoo-Phonics masters!

Next week’s plan

Monday – Musical game

Tuesday – Math (Number matching)

Wednesday – Puzzle

Thursday – Language (Zoo phonics)

Friday – Science (Exploring bubbles)

For work time

Movement, Games and Building, Hospital, Sand box and Library

Our specials

Thursday – Library

Friday – Art


· Every Friday we have Art so please send your child with appropriate clothing for Art sessions.

· We would recommend you to send a hat and sunscreen for your child, as it gets sunny after snack.

· Every Thursday is our Library Day, so we will be sending the children with books from our Library, which will be changed every week on Thursdays.

The Infants and Toddlers Team!


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