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Last Week of May In Early Pre-K

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for attending the art action as the night was a success and a joy to have each one of you. Enjoy reading the blog to have an idea of how your child spent the last week of May in school.

Here is our week in Brief,

Large group: This week large group the children were excited to share about the art auction and the canvases they get to have!

For math, we went again with the number eighteen ‘18’ and reviewed the three-dimensional shapes we covered before (Cylinder, cube, and sphere). Moreover, for the morning activities, we made a pattern using small colored bears and talked about the traffic light, how many colors it has, and what each color means. And of course, we did not forget to check on our flowers and water them.

Math: For our math this week we went back to the pattern concept as the students are recognizing the patterns around them more. So, we headed outside and prepared different materials such as balls, chairs, and hula-hoops. Then one by one each child got a tern either to create their pattern or to extend a pattern. 

Science: While we were painting the volcano last week the children were asking for the lava experiment again. So, this week as we promised them, we did the experiment for the second time though the excitement and the engagement of the children remained the same.

We started of by bringing out the volcano and preparing our materials which are the vinegar, baking powder and food coloring. Then the children started to put the baking powder and some red food coloring and after mixing them we put the vinegar little by little and this was the point where the lava came out! 


Ethiopian Center: Last Wednesday when our class visited the Ethiopian center, we got the chance to pretend to play, read some books, and practice more Amharic. The children enjoy making coffee and sharing it with their friends, cooking using special kind of pots and utensils, and making some Injera too!

Literacy: The literacy session this week was all about Journals! We started by going through the idea of what a journal is and what we can do on it, the class was all excited to share the knowledge they have about journals. After that, everyone got their journals, picked the colors of the crayons and got busy putting the ideas they shared on the journal.  

Library: Our book for this week was under the titled ‘Kate and Gail’.

After the children enjoyed listening to the story together as group and shared their related experience then they started to read in small groups or individually and ended the session by choosing books to take home.

Gymnastic: Today in our gymnastic class we tried to do a new move which is the ‘Plank’. The plank helped the children move and stretch different muscles in their bodies and while the were planking the also tried to move musical dots from on spot to the other using one hands.

It was nice seeing how the children accepted the challenge and tried their best!

Keep in mind

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a tremendous weekend!










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