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Our First Blog!! By Early Preschool

Greetings Dear Parents,

It has been another exciting month. After our spring break and beginning of our 3rd term, a lot has changed, of course our kids are growing and developing day by day and assessing their progress hence they are now officially in a transitional class group which is Early Preschool. The children were all excited and embracing the new change and adapted the new environment really quick. We are sure now some of our parents have seen and understood what all the excitement was all about.

We would also like to say thank you for coming for our family day and spending your time with us. We had a really good day.

How our Large Group Went;

On our Message board, we have been working on our patterns every other day, almost all of our kids have now become familiar with the concept of pattern using a color. We will change the pattern for the coming week which will be AABBAABB Pattern.

Our Number of the week was number four (4). As a counting activity, we count using our attendance by counting the number of kids present in our class room and days of the week. We also discussed our class rule which is as follows: looking eyes, listening ears, quiet mouth, helping hands, and walking feet. The children were also excited to talk about the weather and looking outside the window and would say, “The rain go”, “It is too sunny” “It is cloudy” and “It is not raining anymore” and would stick the correct weather picture on the board. Story time is family time. It strengthens bonds and emotional security, introduces languages patterns and rhyming, it encourages a love for books and reading. We have been reading a book called ‘what is a family?’ and talked about what a family is all about.

Excited to announce that starting from next week we will be starting zoo phonics during our large group.

How our Small Group Went,

We had Cooperative game, Maths, Literacy, Science, Gymnastics.

Cooperative game : we enjoyed the obstacle game, so here is how it went. At the starting and ending point there were chair and they will start with sitting on the chair and finish by sitting on the chair at the other end. There were hula hoops, musical dots, and a tunnel. After sitting on the chair, the next step was to stand up and jump on both musical dots then jumping in the hula hoops then crawling in the tunnel and after coming out of the tunnel, sitting on a chair then jumping on the two musical dots, then into the hula hoops and lastly sitting on chair facing towards the obstacles they passed. It was fun to see everyone trying to keep their balance, their eagerness and this kind of activities help with physical development, their fine and gross motor skill development, how they follow instructions, problem solving, and much more. We all took turns and had lots of fun altogether.

Maths: We introduced a new shape; it was Rectangle shape. We recalled on the other shapes we were familiar with like circle, triangle and square. Some of the kids had a little difficulty differentiating the shapes square and rectangle. As an introduction we gave them a 3D rectangle shape to feel the texture, and to explore with it. We discussed that its 2 sides are equal and the other 2 sides are equal and the differences with squares.

Literacy Wednesdays: We continued our letter explorations, explored what each letter looked like and their sounds and their actions. We prepared a matching activity, and we printed out small letters from ‘ a – f ‘ and prepared flash cards ‘a –f ‘ and the activity was to match the flash cards on the paper. On their first trial they were able to match it well but had some challenges differentiating the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’. We continued matching and saying out loud their names.

Science Thursdays: Our Gardening activity was the highlight of our Thursday, we recalled what we did last time, the children remembered and told us what they have done, and they said, “we gave it water”. We discussed what a plant needs to grow, they replied, “water, rain, sun, and soil” and after that we went outside and sat on a mat and read the book “the small seed”, then we went to our garden area and observed if our seeds had sprouted and are out. Some of the seeds had sprouted and began growing small green leaves the children were happy to see that, but not all seeds. They said, “baby plants”, “green”, and “they are thirsty they need water”. After they finished observing, they started watering the plants as a team and individually. Planting and tacking care after their plants gives them a sense of responsibility.

Our Plans for the next week

Monday - Cooperative Games and Music

Tuesday - Maths

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Science

Friday - Gymnastics


Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Library


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat , boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • On our art days try to send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Do not forget to return Library Folders on your Childs Library day.

Have a lovely weekend!!!!


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