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Dear Parents,

Our second week of school has just gone by! Our class did a fantastic job adjusting to their new circle time calendar, classroom, and teachers. We are excited to challenge our class to new activities and work on action plans for each child looking at how they are ready for the next milestone.

About me

My name is Noha Negatu and I am the new early pre-k teacher. It has only been two months since i arrived In Ethiopia, I have been living and working in Khartoum, Sudan. I have worked as a preschool teacher for 11 years in Sudan and I am excited to work in my home country for the first time. For this year Yobdar and I will be leading the early pre-k class, she is a familiar face to the kids and have been working in the preschool for quite a long time.

what we had for the week;

For our large group time we have being reading two story books "Clifford's first school day" and "Listen Up, Pup!" In addition to that we have being singing our good morning song, days of the week and "Shake it out body parts song".

Math Sessions: As we know the importance of understanding the concept of the numbers and their sequence, we had a counting activity where students were given the chance to count the difference.

Cooperative game: The outside area is a very important place in our school where all our students meet more than once during the day, and because of that we had the time to go outside and explore our bicycles area and the proper of using it. Also, we discussed the safe ways of using the trampoline.

Science: weather is one of our students’ favorite topics in science. We discussed the different types of weather, students shared some of their knowledge about the type of clothes they wear according to the weather.

Literacy: phonetics is a vital part in literacy. It’s the base we keep on building to put the students on the right track for reading and writing. For this week our students practiced tracing the letters and colored them.

Library: Fridays are going to be our class Library Day for this year so please remember to send your child with their Library folder next Friday. Reading stories helps children to go beyond their experiences by using their imagination to explore other people, places and times and events. On Friday library class, we read the story “A room on the broom”, and our class loved it. Make sure to read the story you child has in the folder and discuss about the proper way to handle books.

Note: The art class will be every Friday as well.

Next week plans

Monday- Math (sorting primary colors)

Tuesday- Cooperative game (Bug in the Rug) + Music (exploring some music instruments and sing songs)

Wednesday- Science (body parts)

Thursday- Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Friday- Library+ Art (painting)


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat, boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • Every Friday is our library day,so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

  • Every Friday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you!

Have a terrific weekend.


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