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Our First Two Weeks at Little Einstein's!

Dear parents,

Welcome to our first blog of the year. This is the platform that Little Einsteins has prepare to inform our parents of the activities the children have done throughout the week, activities they will have the following week and any upcoming events.

The past two weeks have passed on smoothly. It was an exciting time for the children as it was for the caregivers, the children had an exciting time meeting new friends and getting comfortable with the school routines.

What have we been up too this past two weeks?

We started our busy day by going to the toilet, washing our hands, and getting ready to go to our classroom. Following that, we go in our room and settle down as they explore with material that they find in different corners/ learning area in our classroom. After exploring with the materials for a few minutes we clean up the materials and get ready for our large group time.

We start our large group by saying good morning to each other with our ‘Good Morning’ song. Then we sing one or two songs the children choose. After the children have relaxed by singing songs, we move to our message board and talk about what kind of weather we have on that day and what day it is. The children enjoy talking about the weather by looking out the window to make their final decision. Following that the children get ready for small group.

Our small group activities this week were Cooperative Games, Literacy, Math, Art, and Library.

For Literacy as an introduction to zoo-phonics and letters we played a fun game of ‘Find the letter ‘. We placed all the letters of the alphabet in a tub full of rice and had the children try to find so that can see their shapes and feel them in their hands.

For cooperative games, we played Bowling but with a small twist, instead of rolling the ball towards the pins they were kicking the ball towards the pins. The children enjoyed waiting for their turns as they cheered for their friends.

During our math activity we tried to brush up on their counting skills. We prepared beads and a paper plate; the plates had dots on them ranging from 1 to 8. During this activity the children placed beads on each of the dots that are in the plates and through that process, we help the children with their eye to hand coordination.

What we are our activities for next week?

Monday – cooperative games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our specials

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art


· As it is a raining season, please send the children with raincoats and boats

· On our Art Day try to send the children with art friendly clothing

Have a wonderful weekend!

From the Early Pre-school team

Our Explorations in Pictures.


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