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Our Kindergarten Fun Blog!!!

Dear Parents

Hello, we had a fun and exciting week. The children were learning fun and exciting ways of knowing their subtraction, sight words.

Large group

For our large group session, we started by singing the good morning song, explored pink, participating in the circle time calendar activity strengthened our time management skills, and sharing about our days allowed us to connect with one another. It was a week filled with learning, being respectful, creativity, and friendship.

Small group


This week for our literacy session we did sight words, but we made it more fun and entertaining by making it a game so we did sight word BINGO game which was fun and engaging for the kids and they were all happy to find the sight words and were all focused so they could say the bingo word first. We had fun while doing the activity as well as learn our sight words.

“Me bing first” Haon

“I got the word first” Frankie.

“Is can with ‘C’ caterina cat” Andre.


For our math session this week we did subtraction again because all the kids were so happy about the subtraction, this time we tried to make it more fun before last time by using the play dough again and letting the kids explore the subtraction and they were able to write the numbers that they feel like doing and were doing a really good job subtracting the numbers and also were helping out each other when they see their friends are not counting the lay dough correctly, to make it also more fun exciting way to learn subtraction we used a hula hoop and some balls to do some subtraction they were all engaged and happy about the activity that some of them were complaining when the time was over to do our transition time, we had a week full of subtraction fun.

“This is nice game” Andre.

“Me want to do more addition after 1 subtraction” Haon

“Is this 7” Frankie.

“I know the answer it’s 5” Yazeed

“Minus” Maal

“3” Eero


This is part of the blog that we really like to write because it’s all about what the kids planned to do and how they really express themselves more it is also a session where they really expresses their emotions and where all their imagination comes to life they enjoy it as well as we enjoy it when they take us to their imagination world where there is a good story in it and also a really nice and safe place for the kids.


This week for our science session we tried to do a windmill which was so engaging and fun when they see that we will be doing windmill they were over the moon and were all excited to try it out, then they started cutting the paper in circle which is a perfect circle for them through doing this they also strengthened their fine motor skill by using the scissors we all were so engaged and the kids were so busy cutting the papers, straws and striking the earbuds in the papers and using the big bamboo stick to make the windmill stand in its own overall we had a fun and engaging science session that made all the kids happy.

“Yeabsra see mine it is moving” Andre.

“Wow mine is nice circle” Haon

“Can you change me scissor Andre” Yazeed

“Can you hold this for me” Frankie


For the art session we let the kids express their ideas on papers by color mixing so that they could also develop their color mixing skill and we were amazed by how their drawing came out, which was also so satisfying to see them all focused and them thinking about what they want to incorporate on their papers and the way they interpret their drawings are always the things that amazes and they are never out of paint ideas.

Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar

Books: -


Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math

Wednesday: - Journal

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Co-operative game / Music


  • Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

  • Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!


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