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Our New Year's Week (Ethiopian New Year)

Dear Parents,

Hello, we had fun and exciting week. The children were learning fun and exciting ways of drawing ‘Adey Abeba’ and Good Eating Habits.

Large group

For our large group as we have been doing for the past weeks, started by singing the good morning song, explored the world of stars, and Participating in the circle time calendar activity, we strengthened our time management and organizational skills, sharing about our days allowed us to connect with one another. It was a week filled with learning, creativity, and friendship. 'The book with no pictures' was a fantastic way to engage their imaginations and foster a love for books; they were excited to know what the next page will be with excitement and suspense.

Today we had a super Mario themed birthday for Matteo. Our birthday boy and the kids were happy. We had fun and shared some sweet bites with the rest of our school friends. Once again we wish you a Happy birthday Matteo!

Small group

For our Monday small group we made a post card which emphasized a lot about ‘Ethiopian New Year’ using Adey Ababa! Which help them in creating art and learning about different cultures. We also talked about the difference between ‘Adey Abeba’ and ‘Sun Flower’.

Haon “I love you Adey Abeba“


This week for our gymnastics we did stretching and flipping over and the kids were excited and happy to do that and they were engaged and happy while doing the activity.


This week for our science activity we have explored about ‘Good Eating Habits.’ Which was exciting and engaging for the kids we did a board with it by classifying them as ‘Healthy foods’ and ‘Unhealthy foods’

Andre “I love apples.”

Matteo “Pizza with lots of cheese”


For our art class this week we did ‘Color mixing’ and ‘pasting leaves’. We mixed different types of colors and we painted with it the kids were happy and engaged with the activity. We collected some fallen leaves from our backyard with tray and they painted it and pasted the leaves on papers.

Kevin “One two three now paste”

Matteo “Scribble scribble a robot”

Our plan for next week is as follows:-

Large group

Songs:-Good morning songs

Circle time calendar

Books:- The Three Bears

Small group

Monday :- Literacy

Tuesday :- Math

Wednesday :- Journal

Thursday :- Science

Friday :- Co-operative game / Music


  • Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

  • Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • When you send your child to school, make sure to send them wearing weather appropriate clothes.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!


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