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Our Dear Parents, we hope you had a fantastic and productive week, just like ours!

As the days are getting hotter and sunny, our bonds with our water bottles have come to be tighter, we have promised to each other and ourselves to stay hydrated by drinking our water frequently, in between transitions or after any activity.

We have moved to a new and nice classroom and the kids really love the new set up, we are coming up with different ideas to decorate our class.

This week for small group,


We incorporated our musical instruments and hands to create different types of beats and sounds. We tried clapping with one finger then two, three, four, then all 5 fingers they were all amazed how the sound was increasing in each additional finger.


Recalling from our previous class where we went around to collect tree branches from our grass area, we had the branches we collected in our classroom then we went out to collect some small sized stones in our compound. After having finished collecting, we started making "AABB" pattern with our stones and branches. they were all focused and worked carefully with all their best.


We are working on our writing skills. There are always first steps to be taken before attempting to write. It is always wise to teach your kids how to hold a pencil, then connect dots, trace a line, a curve, a zigzag, a circle, before giving them a letter to write or copy. We prepared a different tracing worksheet, which had a curve, a zigzag, a straight line, and an octave sort of shape and so on. The kids were really eager to try and trace the lines, they choose different coloured crayons and started working their own ways. Some were really focused and detail oriented, while some of them got carried away and ended up drawing or scribbling on their paper.


For our session , we did a little bit of stretching our bodies and muscles. Going on we used ball to work on our balance. We also had a flipping activity using a flip stand.

Next Weeks Plan

Monday - Cooperaive game

Tuesday - Maths

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Journal

Friday - Science


Tuesday - Library

Friday - Gymnastics


  • Every Tuesday is our Library Folder, please don't forget to return the library folder.

  • Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time

  • Every Wednesday is our art day, send your child with an appropriate art clothing


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